"Why you getting hyped up?": Tyler1 roasts viewer expressing excitement about the upcoming year

Tyler1 blasts fan for making a huge deal out of New Year's Eve celebrations (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tyler1 blasts fan for making a huge deal out of New Year's Eve celebrations (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler1 blasted a fan for being excited over the arrival of the new year in his Twitch chat.

While many fans hope for a better 2022 compared to 2021, it seems like Tyler1 belongs in the minority who believe that a change in date doesn't affect the lives of people, and the fan who showcased his excitement had to face the brunt of Tyler1's brutal honesty.

Tyler1 pokes fun at "loser" fan celebrating 2022

During his final stream for 2021, a fan sent messages about 2021 finally nearing its end and 2022 set to begin soon. However, Tyler1 immediately halted the celebrations in his chat by calling him out:

"Why you getting hyped up? Bro, what's so hype about it?"

He mocked the fan's optimism for the upcoming year, and went on to say that 2022 won't change anything:

"You're going to wake up in the morning as much of a loser as you went to bed, bro. There's no difference, man. Went to bed a loser, woke up a loser."

In the end, it seems like Tyler1 could care less about New Year's Eve celebrations, and he certainly looks like he doesn't care what 2022 brings about.

Tyler1 annoys his girlfriend Macaiyla by restarting mini-games while playing It Takes Two

After being notified about It Takes Two being the Game of the Year for 2021, Tyler1 decided to finally play the popular co-op title earlier this week with his girlfriend, Macaiyla.

However, in true Tyler1 fashion, Macaiyla had to face a lot of trolling while they tried to solve the many puzzles, which also included him restarting the baseball mini-game for a long time.

Macaiyla won most of the rounds at first, which led to Tyler1 asking for a ton of rematches. But later on Tyler1 opened Macaiyla's stream to see what she was doing, and he went back to his game to restart the mini-game, much to Macaiyla's annoyance.

After a few rounds of trolling, Tyler1 eventually answered to Macaiyla's plea for mercy and stopped his antics, and the two continued their adventures in the game normally.

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