Why Nerdle can be the perfect math lovers' substitute to Wordle

Nerdle could become a mathematician's dream (Images via The Guardian)
Nerdle could become a mathematician's dream (Images via The Guardian)

Nerdle is what Wordle is but for math lovers who have long griped about the lack of numerics in the latter.

Good games need to make the brain work, and the statement has never been truer than the rise of Wordle. A simple word-guessing game at its core, Wordle has shown that there is still a massive market for games that somehow resemble old crossword puzzles.

However, Wordle has been restricted to alphabets only. Perhaps this has been done to keep things feasible for the players.

The game attempts to do what Wordle does, but it creates guessing mathematical results in place of words. There needs to be no fear of hearing the phrase mathematics as the system employs elementary-level operations.

Yet, the game is now quickly being recognized by players all over the planet who are not only math lovers.

Nerdle can fill the void of Wordle when it comes to numbers

At first glance, Nerdle will seem a lot more complex than Wordle since the latter requires guessing a five-letter word, and that's it. Nerdle, on the other hand, may have a lot fewer digits (0 to 9), but there are operators (+ and - and others) and also combinations (2+5 = 8-1). Players will have to guess the correct solution in just six tries, which will seem very hard for many.

But the job becomes a lot simpler because the game follows some basic formats. So, for example, while "5+9" and "9+5" in the world of mathematics are the same, players will have to always guess in with the smaller digits first.

While this may seem puzzling, doing so helps keep things simpler for the player (players can guess the second number by observing the first).

Normal rules of mathematical operations also apply, which is easy to follow. Commonly known as the 'BODMAS' method, the law allows players to see the order of operations to guess their solutions.


All of this, in theory, may sound perplexing, but playing the game isn't extremely difficult. Players should be aware that they won't guess the correct answer at all times, but they will also guess it correctly more often than they think.

Nerdle is also offering commutative answers to some players to mix things up. The game seems to be younger than its more famous alphabetic counterpart. However, what may seem like a clone does stand apart from many other products, and it can grow big shortly.

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Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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