Why are some of the most popular Twitch streamers, like Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf, moving to Kick?

Why are big names switching to Kick? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Why are big names switching to Kick? (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the advent of Kick on December 6, 2022, a host of streamers and creators made their way to the new platform, leaving behind Twitch, still considered the biggest streaming hub in the community.

Adin Ross has been one of the most prominent personalities among them. He recently announced his transition to Kick as a streamer not bound by exclusivity. After his move, Corinna Kopf, a well-known Twitch streamer, was announced as the latest addition to the new streaming hub.

The question remains about why prominent figures are shifting from Twitch, a well-established platform, to a new one. The reality is that there are multiple reasons for this departure rather than a single one. This article will look to explore some of the reasons.

Kick is more profitable to the creators

Since launching at the start of December 2022, Kick has acquired over a million users. Despite having over 25 million daily users, Twitch appears to be losing some of the biggest names, such as Adin Ross, Corinna Kopf, Bruce "BruceDropEmOff," and Drake, to the newly founded streaming platform.


However, the main reason is fairly straightforward. Twitch typically provides a revenue split of 50-50, whereas Tyler's platform offers an astonishing 95%-5% revenue split that favors the content creators.

Tyler "Trainwreckstv," leading the platform as a "non-owner advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster," posted a TwitLonger message explaining his platform's revenue tactics. In the post, he touched upon why Twitch's policies are unjust and fail to back its content creators:

"At 50%, every streamer on Twitch will only receive $2.50 of each subscription, and less if they’re not in a first world country. I don’t believe it’s right to take such a high percentage of the work that a streamer does."

In comparison, as Trainwreckstv mentions, his platform offers a "95% split of all subscriber income." He explained:

"Everyone gets a sub button. 95%-5% subscriber split with 95% of all subscriber income going to the streamer."

All tips made on the new platform, known as "kicks," will be entirely given to the streamer, who can withdraw the funds on the same day. Tyler wrote:

"100% of all tips made on Kick, called "kicks", will go to the streamer. Same day withdrawal."

A much more lenient and clear Terms of Service (ToS)

Twitch has gained notoriety for its seemingly arbitrary suspension of streamers, with some suspensions given without explanation or for reasons many would consider harmless. This has led to frustration among content creators who feel that the platform's policies are too strict and not transparent enough.

In contrast, Kick appears more lenient and open to a range of content for live broadcasting. This has attracted several popular streamers who value creative freedom and autonomy in their broadcasting. While some may argue that Kick's policies may lead to inappropriate content, how the platform will regulate and monitor such content remains to be seen.

This was tested after Adin Ross streamed adult content during a stream earlier this week. He has not been suspended. However, his actions were heavily criticized, and the creator has since taken accountability.

In other news, a streamer was also caught depicting a sexual act on stream. He, however, has incurred a 1-day man.

Slots and gambling streams are allowed on Kick

Many community members are likely aware that Twitch has a policy against streaming unlicensed gambling websites on their platform. This policy also applies to the popular slot website Stake.com, which was previously highly promoted before Twitch implemented its betting and slot streaming policy.


In contrast, Kick takes a different approach. The website, closely linked to Stake, has no plans to remove gambling from its platform. Slots are a distinct category prominently displayed on the home page and are, in fact, the most popular category on the platform with the highest number of viewers.

Notable personalities have already switched to Trainwreckstv's platform, but it's uncertain who else will follow suit. There have been rumors of other individuals such as Darren "IShowSpeed," JiDion (both permanently banned from Twitch), and Kai Cenat also considering a move to the platform.

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