Why Warner Bros.' gaming studios will be a perfect acquisition for Sony and PlayStation

NetherRealm Studios, with its specialization in fighting games, could be a great acquisition for Sony (Images via NetherRealm Studios)
NetherRealm Studios, with its specialization in fighting games, could be a great acquisition for Sony (Images via NetherRealm Studios)

The recent rumors of Warner Bros. looking to sell its gaming division could provide PlayStation with a wonderful chance to make a sound acquisition. 2022 has been a year of purchases, with several publishers and studios changing ownership in the first quarter.

The acquisitions aren't going to stop, with boss Jim Ryan saying earlier that they plan on making more acquisitions. A recent rumor about Warner Bros. studios looking to sell off their gaming assets has brewed up.

While there's hardly any confirmation, it could provide an excellent opportunity for the Japanese gaming giants to make a great potential acquisition.

PlayStation has been active as far as acquisitions are concerned, with it recently announcing the purchase of Destiny maker Bungie.

If Warner Bros. ultimately carries on with its plans to sell its gaming division, there's a solid reason for Sony to be interested. This partly comes from what Warner Bros. has to offer and is partly based on the interests of Sony.

Sony PlayStation should look to acquire Warner Bros. gaming division if it's indeed up for sale

Reliable journalist Imran Khan tweeted earlier about the chatter regarding Warner Bros. and their intentions with the gaming divisions. Without any official confirmation, Warner Bros.

Discovery might be looking to sell its gaming studios and lease its IPs. While popular names like Take-Two and EA are among the interested buyers, PlayStation should be looking to get this done.

Sony's console has a long-running history in different fighting games. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the genre has been one of the key ones for the console, be it game-wise or financially.

Sony has already made huge investments in the EVO championships, showcasing its genre interest. Guilty Gear Strive is already among the most recent console exclusives in the genre.

If PlayStation acquires the gaming division of Warner Bros., they will get NetherRealm Studios in return. This is a studio that specializes in making fighting games in particular.

They already have a pedigree in doing so, albeit the overall quality and execution can be questioned. However, Sony will have a readymade team that can make them fighting games in particular.

It's improbable that the acquisition will cost too much if NetherRealm is the only target. In doing so, PlayStation can create new games related to DC and Mortal Kombat - two hugely popular franchises.


Alternatively, the gaming giants could also create a new IP that can create a new fandom. With Sony's stake in the Evo Championship, they could easily take it to the next level for a global audience.

As for the IPs, it will be interesting to see what plans Warner Bros. has with them. It owns some of the most popular IPs worldwide and can look to generate incredible value. From PlayStation's point of view, their incentive will depend on what value is set by Warner Bros.


For NetheRealm, a bit of premium for Sony and PlayStation could ultimately be worth it. This is mainly due to Sony's interest in its future with the fighting game genre.

However, it should be noted that there's no official indication from any sources. So readers and gamers should take the complete information with a grain of salt.

The PlayStation chief has spoken about their willingness to expand their IPs and Acquisitions further. Warner Bros., rumoredly willing to sell its studios, could offer it the perfect chance out of nowhere.

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