Wild Rift vs Mobile Legends: Which mobile MOBA would fit your playstyle the best

Image via Riot Games and Moonton
Image via Riot Games and Moonton

With Wild Rift's growing beta expansion gaining huge popularity worldwide, pre-existing mobile-based MOBAs like Mobile Legends are getting a run for their money.

Moonton's Mobile Legends can be categorized into a second generation MOBA that took over the mobile gaming community after MARVEL Super War. They are independent of their storyline and gameplay execution. On the other hand, Riot's Wild Rift is a third-generation MOBA that borrowed heavily from its parent PC game, League of Legends.

Both Wild Rift and Mobile Legends might seem very similar on paper, but in practice, they have a lot of crucial differences that help them to appeal to different sets of gamers. Both the games require a separate playstyle and offer two completely contrasting gameplays.


Both the games have their unique sets of perks and limitations. This guide is to help out the beginners to understand their gaming priorities and can give either of the two MOBAs a steady go. The comparisons are in terms of game meta and difficulty to bring out the contrasting aspects between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends.

Comparisons between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends

Image via Riot Games and Moonton
Image via Riot Games and Moonton

#1 - Most Effective Tactics Available (META)

Mobile Legends stays on a hyper carry one-through-one meta. In this game, three heroes cluster in the middle of the map, and the remaining two take care of the side lanes. There is no specific jungle-role in Mobile Legends. It is replaced by a hyper carry hero of the team's choice.

In Mobile Legends, teamfights mainly happen when the first mid lane minion waves crash into each other. The hyper carries take a major role in shoving-off the minion waves. It is action-packed throughout and is played with a comparatively casual approach attracting a huge number of bi-gamers. Thus, Mobile Legends is sometimes referred to as an MMORPG over a MOBA.

While for League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game is a bit more structured. It allows having specific roles for all five unique champions, spread around the entire map. There are distinguished objectives for junglers who do not touch the minion waves at all, unlike that of Mobile Legends. One of the main reasons being the important laning phases in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift has more depth in terms of match-up understandings when compared to Mobile Legends. For a few examples, a Wild Rift player should know when to dodge skills in order to get the slightest bits of advantages while trading HP against the corresponding opponent. Or, which side a player needs to place wards in order to prevent enemy junglers from ganking and which minion to kill in order to freeze a minion wave at a certain favorable location.

The long "boring" laning phase is one of the main reasons for Mobile Legends players not getting used to Wild Rift. It is easy for a Mobile Legends player to rank up in solo Queue, as hyper carry heroes like Benedetta, Bruno or Claude can play multiple roles in the game. On the other hand, it takes months for a Wild Rift player to rank up in Solo Queue since not a single role can carry a game alone.



To sum up, the result of a Wild Rift match is extremely team-reliant whereas, a single player can decide the fate of a game in Mobile Legends.

#2 - Game Difficulty

In simple terms, Wild Rift is more competitive driven, while Mobile Legends is more casual driven.

Wild Rift Drakes (Image via Riot Games)
Wild Rift Drakes (Image via Riot Games)

Wild Rift features very high depth to even the minute in-game elements. For example, when considered neutral objectives in the river, there are four drakes and one transformed Elder Dragon. Each of the dragons provides unique buffs and attributes to champions on killing. The amount of buff gained is also dependent on the in-game achievements and situations. There are tons of other situational objectives to dig into as well.

Turtle in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)
Turtle in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

On the other hand, Mobile Legends has just two simple objectives down in the river. There is a Turtle that provides fixed gold and experience on killing and a Lord that helps to push the lanes.

The control aspects of Wild Rift are much higher than Mobile Legends as well. The button clicks and the in-game reaction time are much more precise in Wild Rift whereas it is much more random and less mechanical for Mobile Legends. A Redditor and League regular, named u/AustinAng2, explained the difference in simple words after his experience with both the MOBAs,

"Mobile Legends is a fun game. I've played almost all of the large mobile MOBA titles and I can safely say that Mobile Legends is the most fun out of all of them, and it's honestly only gotten better. It's fast-paced, action-packed and you feel like you have an impact on the game state when you hard-carry. It is not, however, a good game.
League of Legends: Wild Rift, on the other hand, is a good game. It has easily the highest quality and the most effort put into everything the game has to offer. Nothing feels cheap. Whether it's the map, the hero animations, voice lines, UI, the controls, it's all beautiful and smooth. However, it is not a fun game."

So, Wild Rift or Mobile Legends?


The answer is completely perspective-based. Neither of the two games is better than the other and the choice depends totally on a player's approach towards gaming. To sum up, here are the major differences between Mobile Legends and Wild Rift:

  • Wild Rift's pace is slower in comparison to Mobile Legends from a combatting perspective.
  • Wild Rift is based on a rune system with preset passives while Mobile Legends is based on an emblem upgrade system. Upgraded emblems give the seasoned players an advantage over the new ones.
  • Wild Rift requires team-strategy to decide a game's fate while individual brilliance is a frequent decider in Mobile Legends matches.
  • A player needs to go back to base in order to buy things in Wild Rift, which is not the same for Mobile Legends.
  • Mobile Legends' role specifications are limited whereas each and every role plays its crucial parts in Wild Rift.
  • Towers die way faster in Mobile Legends compared to Wild Rift. Thus, Wild Rift's match durations are longer.
  • Wild Rift's champions are much more balanced than the heroes of Mobile Legends. There are a lot of broken heroes in the latter.
  • Mobile Legends has multiple game modes aside from the typical MOBA like Classic, Rank, Brawl, Survival, Arcade, etc. Riot on the other hand is yet to come up with variants in terms of Wild Rift modes.
  • Skins are extremely expensive in Mobile Legends whereas Wild Rift has standard rates between $5 to $20 USD per skin.
  • Wild Rift vs Mobile Legends debate has recently turned out a very heated one, and professional players have been a part of that argument as well.

Mobile Legends has developed a well-established Esports scene throughout the South Asian countries over the years. Its popularity rose sky-high when Mobile Legends became one of the first mobile games to be included as a medal event at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

On the other hand, Wild Rift is the handheld counterpart of the globally popular League of Legends. The game is still running on its beta version and half of the world is yet to test its waters.

Thus, it is time that will decide the fate of both the popular MOBAs on the global Esports scene. But there cannot be any denial of the fact that both the games have their own perks and flaws.