Will Brewster return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Uncovering the truth behind update 1.11.0

Brewster. Image via Nintendo
Brewster. Image via Nintendo

Nintendo's 1.11.0 update for Animal Crossing came at a delicate time. After not receiving one for a long time, the player base was filled with angst.

They had been asking for big things, none of which occurred. Not yet, at least. After dataminers uncovered code that could potentially grant Animal Crossing players one of their biggest requests, it remains possible that the big update they sought could be coming after all.

Brewster has been requested by Animal Crossing players for quite some time. He had been in every game since Wild World, so players were surprised by his omission. Those requests only intensified as time went on, and it seems that maybe Nintendo has finally heard them.

Is Brewster ever going to return to Animal Crossing?

Leaks are not confirmed and never are until the leaked event or addition actually occurs. It's important to remember this because the evidence for Brewster's eventual appearance is purely based on leaks. Those may or may not ever happen. Animal Crossing dataminers pored over the 1.11.0 update and found code that seems pretty likely to be connected to Brewster and his cafe, the Roost.

Brewster. Image via Nintendo
Brewster. Image via Nintendo

Still, there's good reason to be excited about what they uncovered. The files pertain to a cafe, and the most likely owner of that cafe is Brewster, as he has been the primary cafe villager in each Animal Crossing game. There are also files that could be linked to Gyroids - the furniture of which Brewster has been a big fan of in the past.

These files, though completely unconfirmed, beg the question: will Brewster finally be making his triumphant return to Animal Crossing? Probably. It seems highly unlikely that Nintendo, the company that is notorious for giving its fans what they want, would ignore the cries from the Animal Crossing player base for so long. It also seems highly unlikely that they'll add files to the game that can reasonably be connected to Brewster and not add him.

Brewster has been a fan favorite for a long time, and even though these aren't confirmed (nor are they confirmed to even be related to Brewster), Nintendo probably knows their player base is at a breaking point. A tease for Brewster that never comes to fruition is likely to push them over the edge. Nintendo will find it in their best interest not to do that, so the eventual return of Brewster becomes even more likely.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod

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