Will Dr Disrespect quit YouTube for streaming on Netflix?

Dr Disrespect want to be the first streamer on Netflix (Image via Dr Disrespect YouTube)
Dr Disrespect want to be the first streamer on Netflix (Image via Dr Disrespect YouTube)
Nakul Ahuja

Ever since Netflix strengthened its resolve to delve into the gaming industry, Dr Disrespect hasn't stopped talking about it. The Two-Time, via a recent clip titled "Dr Disrespect x Netflix," announced his plans to turn Netflix into "a true streaming service" with his help.

Doc mentioned his plans yet again during one of his more recent streams and declared himself in the running to be Netflix's first-ever streamer.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers at the moment. However, his infamous ban from Twitch was a rather unpleasant affair. While he hasn't spoken about it much, he recently revealed how Twitch streamers have it easy compared to streamers on YouTube. He claimed streaming on YouTube is a rather tedious task.


As expected, the topic of his return came up again during his July 29th stream, and the Doc continued to market his plans. He said:

"I would be open to taking a seat at Netflix. I’m willing to sit down at the table. Black suit, black tie. Hair in a ponytail. Prototypes stay on, of course. I could be the head of the Netflix streaming platform. I’d help them put together the most interactive, dominating streaming platform. With the power of Netflix, imagine what you could offer too."

Dr Disrespect also revealed how platforms like Hulu and Amazon are engaged in the streaming business today. He asserted that with its brand image and position in the industry, Netflix could create a niche for itself in the streaming space.

Dr Disrespect thinks Netflix could do bigger and better things

The Two-Time has a reputation for being one of the most notorious streamers ever. Naturally, he does everything differently. His streams, rants, gameplay, and even his plans are intense and unorthodox.

Having been associated with gaming for a really long time, his experience as a designer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will definitely come in handy.

While he was speaking to his viewers during his recent stream, the messages were targeted at Netflix. He concluded by saying:

“There’s so much you could do starting from the ground up. Super interactive streams, chat tools, streamer tools. Tons of viewer incentives. I’m just thinking out loud here.”

Netflix hasn't revealed more information about its streaming plans. The following week will mark Netflix's introduction to the industry. This is likely to turn things around in a way that's never been witnessed before.

More importantly, considering how Doc has prepared a blueprint already, it won't be surprising to see him as the first streamer on the platform.

Will Dr Disrespect give up streaming on YouTube?

The reason for Doc's ban on Twitch remains shrouded in mystery even today. With over 3.43 million subscribers on YouTube, the veteran gamer is still going strong.

Be that as it may, Dr Disrespect has also been pretty vocal about the issues with streaming on YouTube, an issue that has been highlighted by other streamers as well.

Dr Disrespect could leave YouTube for Netflix (Image via Dr Disrespect YouTube)
Dr Disrespect could leave YouTube for Netflix (Image via Dr Disrespect YouTube)

Netflix is an industry leader and has international reach. The Doc has already spoken about how he wants to lead the streaming team at Netflix and introduce groundbreaking changes to make Netflix's platform unparalleled.

Netflix would also benefit from housing a personality like Dr Disrespect, who is more or less a household name in the community. While everything is conjectured right now, it won't be surprising to see Doc leaving YouTube to stream on Netflix.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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