Will the English Premier League be present in EA Sports FC? Gaming giants sign major deal after losing FIFA name

EA Sports FC’s new deal with the English Premier League is almost twice the existing one in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports, Premier League)
EA Sports FC’s new deal with the English Premier League is almost twice the existing one in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports and Premier League)

EA Sports FC is all set to go live in 2023 with a major rebrand from the existing FIFA name, but the English Premier League could be one of its major shining lights when the game is ultimately released. This comes in the wake of the recent news about EA Sports reportedly paying $500 million to retain the rights of the league. As the release date comes closer, this could create quite a deep impact on the community.

A major reshuffle is expected sometime in the middle 2023 as EA Sports’ existing license with FIFA comes to an end. The existing deal has been an extension, allowing FIFA 23 to use all of its current licenses and even recreate the recent World Cup in the video game.

However, this is all set to change with the end of the current release, as EA Sports has already announced the rebrand before the start of 2023. EA Sports FC will be the new name that will aim to continue the legacy of its original name. To that end, a brand new license with the English Premier League will certainly be a positive step.

EA Sports FC’s new deal with the English Premier League is about double the existing one in FIFA 23

On February 11, 2023, Sky Sports reported on the new deal that EA Sports has struck with the English Premier League. Estimated at around $480 million, this new deal will remain active for the next six years. The new terms are also almost twice the existing ones, allowing authentic content in the FIFA series.

Although an extension was already expected, the high valuation can be attributed to the timing. eFootball from Konami has been tying up exclusive licenses with some of the biggest clubs in the world, like Barcelona and Manchester United. EA Sports could be adopting the same tactic but from a different angle. Instead of looking at individual teams, it’s directly going for league licenses, at even higher costs.

What will this mean for the Premier League in EA Sports FC?

For starters, the English Premier League will be completely licensed when EA Sports FC launches. This includes all of the clubs that are part of it and all of the footballers present in those squads. Furthermore, players will enjoy authentic kits, with official stadiums being included as well.

The new deal clearly showcases the valuation that the English league brings to the table. It was previously reported that the deal between EA Sports and FIFA had failed over a demand of $1 billion. Having spent almost half of that amount in a single league, it just goes to show the EPL's value and how much it means to the gaming giants.


It remains to be seen which other leagues will be featured in EA Sports FC. The upcoming release faces major headaches regarding club and league licenses, with a few big names such as AC Milan and Inter Milan already pledging their allegiances to Konami.

However, the crown jewel of the FIFA series remains with EA Sports for the time being, which is obviously great news for the developers. International fans of major clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea, among others, can breathe a sigh of relief, now that the new title will have authentic licenses.

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