Will Fall Guys crossover with Fortnite? Skins, maps and more

A Fall Guys x Fortnite crossover is gaining hype with each passing day.
A Fall Guys x Fortnite crossover is gaining hype with each passing day.

Fortnite is one of the most famous battle royale games in the world, with millions of fans across the globe. Over the course of its stellar three-year run, we have witnessed memorable concerts and collaborative crossover events which led to a major upsurge in the game's popularity.

The newest battle royale game on the block is Fall Guys, which has dominated the gaming scene ever since its official release and has witnessed several players flocking to it in large numbers.

The game has a colourful, crazy fun vibe to it, akin to the style of Fortnite and fans have already started to petition for a Fall Guys x Fortnite crossover. Even the former joined in on the fun, with the following tweet:

The internet has been abuzz with Fall Guys x Fortnite crossover skins.

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Fall Guys x Fortnite: An 'Epic' crossover?

Fall Guys is a super fun Last man standing battle royale, replete with tons of unbridled, crazy fun.

The reason why Fortnite became so popular was due to its reach and silly yet fun visuals, along with exciting new skins and crossover events. This was a trait which fans noticed in Fall Guys as well. Soon, various versions of Fall Guys x Fortnite crossover skins began trending online.

Check out some of them below:

Even popular Fortnite pro, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins gave his approval to his very own Fall Guys skin concept:

Some users even went to the extent of creating Fall Guys x Fortnite map concepts:

Check out the video below, where a Fall Guys x Fortnite crossover themed map is recreated:


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Can the crossover actually happen?

While Fall Guys is still in its early days, Fortnite of late, has come in for criticism, due to persistent glitches and lack of wholesome content.

Considering the great start that Fall Guys is off to, if the opportunity presents itself, could Epic Games resist a potential collaboration? Moreover, the idea of a crossover featuring Fall Guys would certainly be a welcome change for all the fans of the game.


Fall Guys continues to dominate the gaming scene with each passing day, and the cries for a potential Fortnite crossover will probably be addressed soon enough, but in what capacity, it remains to be seen.

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