Will Ghostwire: Tokyo have early access?

Ghostwire: Tokyo drops March 25th, 2022. Image via Tango Gameworks
Ghostwire: Tokyo drops March 25th, 2022. Image via Tango Gameworks

Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of the most hotly anticipated games of the new year. The latest project by beloved director Shinji Mikami's Tango Gameworks has raised more questions with each reveal.

The game enjoyed a showcase event recently that unveiled a ton of intriguing details, including the release date. But will fans be able to jump the line and get in early?

Does Ghostwire: Tokyo have early access?

Explore the haunted world of #GhostwireTokyo with 10 minutes of extended gameplay.Ghostwire: Tokyo launches exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console and PC March 25.

Yes, by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo, fans can begin playing the game three days early. The Deluxe Edition of the game will allow one to load in on March 22, 2022. The bundle also includes two skins for the player's character and an exclusive weapon.

The upgrade costs an additional $20, raising the price from $59.99 to $79.99. This action-adventure game is only available on Windows PC and PS5, but is slated to be released on other consoles at an unknown date.

The trend of games offering early access as a deluxe edition perk has become relatively common. Though this is not the Steam type of early access, it's merely a chance to get into the game early for a higher price.

What kind of game is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Strike from the shadows with the Shinobi Outfit or save Tokyo wearing stylish Streetwear in the #GhostwireTokyo Deluxe Edition. the Deluxe Edition digitally on the PlayStation Store and play 3 days early. Ghostwire: Tokyo launches March 25.

Though early trailers made the game look like it had more of a horror direction, more recent glimpses show off a more action-focused affair. Produced by Bethesda, the game looks a bit like the company's other first-person action games.

But, rather than a shooter, this is a spellcasting game featuring a bow and arrow. Tango Gameworks has also shown off the game's grappling hook, a feature more games are embracing these days.

What is known about the plot is limited, but the premise is clear. The hero is Akito, a young man possessed by a spirit named KK. KK grants Akito supernatural powers which they must use to clear the streets of Shibuya.

In their way are a host of demons from Japanese culture. Though the gameplay seems action-packed, the enemies are characteristically creepy.

Fans know the game is the partial brainchild of E3 star Ikumi Nakamura, who showed it off in 2019. Nakamura was creative director until she left the project that same year. Unfortunately, personal health problems sidelined the beloved artist, but her fingerprints can still be found in the game's design sensibilities.

Ghostwire: Tokyo remains a hotly anticipated title with plenty of mystery surrounding it. Everyone can jump into Shibuya to fight demons on March 25, 2022, or March 22 with the Deluxe Edition.

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