Will God of War Ragnarok come to PC? Possible release and more explained

Sequel to 2018’s PlayStation exclusive action-adventure title, God of War Raganrok might be the first in the series to get a PC port. Read below to know more (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
Sequel to 2018’s PlayStation-exclusive action-adventure title, God of War Raganrok might get a PC port. Read below to know more (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

God of War Ragnarok was launched on November 9, on not only PlayStation 5 but also on PlayStation 4 worldwide. However, that's not all as there might be good news for PC gamers as well. Sony has given a couple of hints, starting a month back, regarding a possible PC port of the title.

For now, it’s time for fans of Sony’s action-adventure series to join Kratos and Atreus once again across the vast realms inhabited by some of the most fearsome beasts in Norse mythology, which also includes the likes of gods such as Odin himself.

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The God of War trilogy, which is renowned for its bloody encounters, started way back in 2005 on PS2. The latest iteration, God of War Ragnarok, is set in a bigger and more beautifully-detailed open world that houses the nine realms of Norse mythology.

How long will God of War Ragnarok remain exclusive to PlayStation?

Kratos staring at his Leviathan Axe (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
Kratos staring at his Leviathan Axe (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

Rumors regarding the PC port basically come from two sources. First and foremost, we need to understand that for the PC port of God of War 2018, Santa Monica Studios was tied up with Jetpack Interactive. The latter's LinkedIn page continues to state that the Vancouver-based gaming company "continues to work with Sony Santa Monica on the God Of War franchise."

The second speculation making the rounds comes from an interview update published by GameInformer with Cory Barlog, the co-creator of the GOW series and director of the 2018 game. In the interview, he was directly asked a question regarding the PC port of God of War Ragnarok, to which he replied, "I have no idea. Right now, we’re taking it one game at a time."

As of now, no official confirmation or specific date has been mentioned as to if or when the PC ported version will be available. For now, we can only speculate.

God of War Ragnarok size on consoles

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Regarding how huge Ragnarok will be on PC, we can only take a rough guess. What we do know is that the game takes up to 105 GB of storage on the PS4, and only 84 GB for the PS5. As such, it is expected to be in the range of 80-100 GB.

How long is God of War Ragnarok's campaign?

Ragnarok’s main campaign should ideally take around 21-23 hours of gameplay to complete if players decide to stick only to the main storyline. However, it has a ton of collectible items to find and side-quests on offer, which may extend the gameplay to 40-43 hours.

What’s new in God of War Ragnarok?


Compared to the previous edition released in 2018, Ragnarok brings in a whole new variety of mini-bosses, side quests, and a ton of collectible items seen never before in the God of War series.

Like the previous game, chief protagonist Kratos carries a powerful two-handed war axe called the Leviathan Axe. Unlike its predecessor, the Blades of Chaos are present for use from the very start. As players progress through the chapters, a wide variety of weapons will be unlocked as well.

In 2016, Atreus assisted Kratos in taking down enemies. In Ragnarok, he has grown by three years and is even stronger in his abilities. He will be playing a greater role in the overall plot to help out his father, which has received a lot of praise since its release.

The view of the revamped skill tree system in God of War Ragnarok (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
The view of the revamped skill tree system in God of War Ragnarok (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

In terms of upgrading characters, God of War Ragnarok comes with a fresh skill tree system where players have to keep on customizing their characters' weapons with the skills on offer.

Each skill tree focuses on a specific weapon and its associated set of abilities. There are buffs, elemental damage abilities, support abilities, ranged attacks, and much more on offer, which can be equipped by the character by spending XP points earned via gameplay.

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