God of War Ragnarok XP and Gear system: How to level up and get more powerful fast

Gaining levels fast in God of War Ragnarok (Image via God of War Ragnarok)
Gaining levels fast in God of War Ragnarok (image via God of War Ragnarok)

There are plenty of ways to get more powerful in God of War Ragnarok. From gaining new skills to making your equipment more powerful as you progress through the narrative, there is indeed a lot that you can do in the action-adventure.

However, two of the most reliable ways of making the title significantly easier to get through is to understand the XP and Gear system and how they work in the latest franchise entry.

The two systems are the core behind making Kratos significantly more powerful in the game, and there are certain things that you can use to accelerate the leveling process and make the Spartan level up faster.

As the two systems go hand in hand, today’s guide will go over some of the things that you can do to help make Kratos more powerful in God of War Ragnarok.

Gaining levels fast in God of War Ragnarok


As mentioned, there are two core features when it comes to the leveling system in God of War Ragnarok: XP and Gear.

  • To gain more XP in the title, you will be required to explore the world and pick up shiny collectibles that you will find around you. When collecting these items, you get a fair amount of XP, which will help you get Kratos to the next level up much faster.
  • Progressing through the narrative and completing the various quests and side activities in the game will earn you the lion’s chunk of experience points. Collecting enough of these can really make a difference especially if you are close to a level up with the Spartan.
  • Level Gears in God of War Ragnarok work a bit differently than XP, as for this you will be required to obtain components and crafting materials that are used for making Krato’s weapons such as the Leviathan Axe or the Chaos Blades more powerful.
  • The way to obtain these materials and components will be to progress through the game and defeat the various bosses that are out in the world. As it’s pretty much dependent on game progression, it will take a bit longer to upgrade the weapons than leveling up Kratos himself.
  • Additionally, you can even use Hacksilver to not only buy an extra revive but use them to upgrade gear as well. They are one of the more useful resources in the game, and some best ways to obtain them will be to do extra objectives, explore every corner of the map, as well as by opening chests. You can even obtain a small amount of Hacksilver by breaking pots in the environment.

Skill mods in God of War Ragnarok


Apart from leveling Kratos and his Gear the other way to make the Spartan even more powerful in the title is with the help of mods. Mods are a way to upgrade skills in the game, however, they are a bit more time-consuming and will require a fair bit of grinding.

You will first be required to unlock an active skill, it will then open up challenges for it, where you will be required to use the ability a fixed number of times on enemies. The stages will go through bronze, silver, and gold ranks, and once you have completed the final challenge you will then be eligible to invest 1000 XP to unlock a mod slot on it.

You will usually get mods like stun, more elemental damage, and momentum based on the active ability that you are slotting the mod in. Fortunately, you will be able to rotate through all the skill mods, and you will not be locked to just one enhancement.