Does Kratos die in God of War Ragnarok? Ending explained

What is the ultimate fate of Kratos? Does his adventure continue? (Image via Santa Monica Studios)
What is the ultimate fate of Kratos? Does his adventure continue? (image via Santa Monica Studios)

The final chapter of God of War Ragnarok, 'The Realms at War' ultimately leads to Ragnarok occurring. Though Odin claims he is trying to avoid the ultimate destruction of Asgard, the titular event occurs. Many fear that this is the end of Kratos and that perhaps the story ends with the God of War himself perishing during the battle.

What happens after the battle to the All-Father in God of War Ragnarok, though? Does Kratos survive, or does his blood have to be spilled in order to save the Nine Realms from the tyrannical grip of Odin? Read on to learn more about this title.

Note: This article contains videos and discussions about the last moments of God of War. This includes the final boss fight and credit scroll.

Kratos marshals the armies of the Nine Realms in God of War Ragnarok

It’s a real “coming together” moment, at the end of the God of War Ragnarok story. Kratos marshals the armies of the Nine Realms, who all teleport into Asgard and begin laying siege to the place. Even Jormungandr makes an appearance! It’s a truly epic moment, where Kratos and the others make peace and try to do right throughout the game.

However, Odin is not the only major fight during Ragnarok. Since Heimdall has already been thwarted, Thor shows up to try and defend Odin. Even though Odin berated and humiliated Thor in the entire game, he still showed up to try and make a last stand in God of War Ragnarok.


Thor's final moments

Kratos did not wish to kill Thor and tried to reason with the God throughout the battle. After all, Atreus and Thrud, his daughter, are friends. Right as Thor sees the light and changes his tune, he’s betrayed and slain by Odin.

Freya and Kratos work together to fight Odin through several phases, where he comes back repeatedly. However, the God of War overcomes the All-Father and all of his sneaky but powerful tricks.

With Odin defeated, he tried once again to blame everything on Atreus and Kratos. Gaslighting the heroes, he claimed to only want to do good, and that none of the evil things Odin did were his fault.


Odin and Atreus speak one last time

Odin claimed he’d never stop hunting for answers - he wants to know what happens next and wants to cheat death. With this knowledge, Atreus had the resolve to steal Odin’s soul. Trapping it in a marble given to him by Angrboda, he would give the marble to Kratos.

Kratos decided it was Freya’s place, and he would not rob her of the chance to slay Odin once and for all. Though she would hesitate and give the marble back to Atreus in God of War Ragnarok, one character did not. Sindri, still enraged by Brok's death, smashed Odin’s marble with a hammer. His soul is now gone forever.

The All-Father will never return after God of War Ragnarok. The party asked what would come next, and with authority, Sindri battered the marble in one blow, only to teleport away.


Surtr, in his new form as “Ragnarok,” would finally pierce Asgard with his blade, and this could have easily killed the entire group of remaining protagonists. However, Freyr showed up at the absolute last second, holding off Ragnarok, so that Freya and the others could flee. It was a heartbreaking scene but it was also uplifting. Freya's flippant, arrogant brother made a last, heroic stand.

The end of God of War Ragnarok

The camera focuses on Atreus again, somewhere within the camp where the remnants of Asgard and the sieging forces remain. Eir is the first one Atreus sees, and he would go through the camp, briefly talking to everyone as he sought out his father.

Finally, he gets to Angrboda and Fenrir, whose soul was saved after all. It was at this time that Atreus, who is also Loki, decided that he had a more important task ahead of him. Earlier in God of War Ragnarok, Angrboda gave him a bag of marbles with the souls of Jotnar in them. He forsook the task, letting Angrboda have them again.


Atreus and Angrboda speak about the future

Atreus decided he needed to do this and take responsibility for his legacy and his people. This means goodbye to Kratos, but he doesn’t know how to bid farewell to his father. Kratos and Atreus meet again, and Angrboda leads them to one final mural of the Jotnar.

While traveling, a rather heartwarming moment is witnessed in the God of War Ragnarok ending. Kratos promised to finish the story he told Loki, while they were preparing for Ragnarok and he ultimately did. This also teases the post-game, where Angrboda revealed pieces of Asgard have been scattered across the Nine Realms, and there is likely Einherjar protecting them.

The important takeaway was the final Jotnar mural. Upon opening it, it revealed their fates. As it turns out, Faye destroyed Loki’s shrine in Jotenheim, so that he would not know his own fate. Kratos said that they forged their own path, thanks to Faye.


One last mural

Faye gave up everything to protect Loki and Kratos. Atreus finally confronted his father, informing him that there are other giants out there, and he has to find them and free their souls. He takes responsibility for his people and makes it clear that he has to do it without Kratos’ help.

Kratos asked if it frightened Atreus, and when he confirmed this, the God of War stated that this is the reason his son must take on this task alone. With a final, teary farewell, Kratos informed his son that he was ready to go out on his own.

He said:

“Loki will go. Atreus … Atreus remains.”

The two parted ways after one final hug, proving that Kratos could break the chains of his past and learn from his mistakes. Kratos and Freya, alongside the head of Mimir, would walk back down the path to the others, while the credits rolled.

What could the future hold?

While the God of War Ragnarok credits scroll, Freya and Kratos speak with Mimir, discussing what they should do next. The two mention that there is still a Valkyrie Queen lurking. They did not spot, nor battle Gna, the current Valkyrie Queen, during Ragnarok.


Discussing Gna

A Vanir goddess and one loyal to Asgard, Freya mentions that she needed to be found, and found soon. This could be where the next Norse God of War game goes, after God of War Ragnarok. If there are to be more adventures in the Nine Realms, Gna could unite the loyal forces of Odin and lead other gods against Kratos.

However, as of this writing, that is merely post-God of War Ragnarok speculation. Although an emotional rollercoaster, the game saw Kratos ultimately survive, along with his son and loved ones.

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