Why Harry Potter won't be in Hogwarts Legacy

Players will be thrown into the late 1800s (Image via Warner Bros.)
Players will be thrown into the late 1800s (Image via Warner Bros.)
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Hogwarts Legacy is the next video game entry into the Harry Potter universe, and many players will be wondering whether the titular protagonist is part of the game itself. Considering that players will be taking control of their own version of a Hogwarts student, players can forget about playing as Harry Potter.

The game is set to be a fairly expansive action RPG, so the game will clearly be full of characters and themes from the universe created by J.K. Rowling. But based on the timeline given to Hogwarts Legacy, players may need to forget about encountering any of their favorite characters from the mainline story.

Will Harry Potter or his friends be in Hogwarts Legacy?


Hogwarts Legacy will take place in the 1800s, which is clearly well before the time in which Harry's story takes place. That means Harry Potter and any of his friends will be absent from the game when it is released and all together. This would also explain why the game is simply called Hogwarts Legacy, and not Harry Potter.

There is also a question and answer page in which nearly every detail about the game is explained. One of those questions has to do with Harry Potter being involved at all, and they also confirm that Harry Potter would not appear in the game. In the question after, the idea of lore was discussed for the new game.

While the mainline characters will be absent from the game, and the story will be original, the lore from the series will still be followed by the Avalanche team. The idea will be to keep the lore in line with the books and the movies that fans are already used to. Hopefully that will keep the RPG experience more authentic.

When does Hogwarts Legacy release?

2022 is the current release year. (Image via Warner Bros.)
2022 is the current release year. (Image via Warner Bros.)

So far, there hasn't been any exact information given for the release of this entry, but there is confirmation for a 2022 timeline. The game has been delayed in the past, and based on their site description, 2022 seems to be the date in which they want to get the game out to the players.

#AvalancheSoftware (Hogwarts Legacy) is looking for a Localization Producer (VO, text, Graphic / Video Localization)

Some leaks like the one in the above tweet seem to suggest that the title is coming sooner than expected with the devs looking for localization producers.

Considering the game hasn't been given a full date, players can likely expect it in the second half of the year. Overall, 2022 seems to be a year full of major releases that have been delayed due to the pandemic, and Hogwarts Legacy could bring some serious competition.

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