Will Modern Warfare 2's new perk system allow players to have two perks in one column?

Modern Warfare 2 to have new perk system (Image via Activision)
Modern Warfare 2 to have new perk system (Image via Activision)

Modern Warfare 2 is the primary focus of the upcoming Call of Duty Next event. Call of Duty on Twitter recently posted a four-second clip announcing five days until Call of Duty Next. This clip has grabbed the attention of the fans, as it features what is likely to be the new perk system in the game.

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In Call of Duty, perks provide advantages such as suppressing footsteps, increasing sprinting speed, replenishing ammo, and more in Multiplayer modes. Perks are unlocked in the game as players level up.

Modern Warfare 2 is an upcoming game from Infinity Ward. It is the sequel to 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot. The game is said to be the “most advanced Call of Duty” game in the history of the series. The focus is on immersion and realism this time around, delivering fans more of what made 2019’s Call of Duty a huge success.

Modern Warfare 2 new perk system revealed

Modern Warfare 2 is bringing a lot of changes to the series, including the new Gunsmith system, advanced vehicle combat system, and so much more. All this to kickstart the new generation of Call of Duty.

Having said that, changes are made to the perk system as well. Players will now have the option to equip two perks in one column.

New perk system in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Twitter/@CallofDuty)
New perk system in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Twitter/@CallofDuty)

As seen in the clip, right at the beginning, there are two perks branching out from a single source. Those two perks seem to be ‘Sleight of Hand’ and ‘Double Time’. The source is the logo for the ‘Search and Destroy’ game mode.

The new perk system suggests that two perks can be assigned in one column based on the player’s playstyle.

Perks in Modern Warfare (2019)


In the Modern Warfare reboot (2019), players can select a total of three perks per class (excluding weapon perks). However, there is a Specialist mode in the perks tab, which when activated would allow players to equip a total of six perks. The latter three perks would get activated upon getting two, four, and six kills respectively.

After eight kills, however, all the available perks in the game get activated. Turning on Specialist mode will disable the Killstreaks.

Previous rumors about the perk system

Based on rumors from the past, the game will apparently allow players to select a total of four perks. There will be a total of three columns where players can assign the perks. The first column allows players to assign two perks, and the second and third columns can be assigned one perk each.

Although no information is available for the second and third columns, the first column will determine the playstyle of the players and thus perks will have to be assigned as per their preferred playstyle.

Modern Warfare 2 is just around the corner. Fans of the series are excited as ever, and the new official intel drops, leaks and rumors have driven the hype through the roof.

Players now await the upcoming Call of Duty Next event for information on Modern Warfare 2.

The game is all set to launch on October 28, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One.

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