Will Redfall get a day one Game Pass release?

Redfall will be another first party game under Xbox (Images via Xbox)
Redfall will be another first party game under Xbox (Images via Xbox)

Redfall finally has a release date, much to the delight of all fans eagerly waiting for the upcoming title. Earlier hopes of release were crushed when Bethesda announced a delay in the release, and things have been a bit uncertain since then.

Last evening's Xbox Developer Direct showed plenty of positives to those waiting for the game. Not only did it include new gameplay footage, but the release date is also public. If things remain unchanged, May 2 is when the global audience can join the brand-new adventure.

That said, there will be greater accessibility for those who will be subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass at the time of release. The gaming service has grown massively since its inception, both in profit and user count. Redfall will be another feather in the cap of Xbox's subscription service.

Redfall could power Xbox Game Pass to new heights and help bring in more subscribers

Xbox Game Pass offers a vast library of over 100 games at any given time, including first and third-party games. While older games have been added to it, the day-one releases grab the highlights. Every game released by an Xbox-owned studio has been added on the first release day.


It's already been announced that Redfall will follow the same trend and be available on Xbox and the PC Game Pass. This goes irrespective of when the game releases. Even if there's a delay, the plans for its admission to the subscription service will likely go forward.

This is because the said game is being developed by Arkane Studios, who already have some decorated launches in the first. The makers of Deathloop and Dishonored have built a strong reputation for creating innovative and exciting games in the past.

Arkane Studios is owned by ZeniMax Media, which also owns studios like Bethesda. Xbox acquired the publishing giant, now its parent owners. This makes any game released now. In the future, a first-owned release of Xbox will be added to the subscription service.


Members of the Xbox Game Pass and the PC Game Pass won't have to pay anything extra to enjoy Redfall. All they will need is an active subscription that includes the upcoming title and the library of many more games.

This adds to the overall excitement for subscribers, who won't have to make separate game purchases. All game modes will be available to players, but any future DLCs may have to be purchased separately. It remains to be seen how Redfall will shape up after its release.


Much has been revealed about the game, which will be single and multiplayer. The single-player campaign is set to take place in a vast open world, as players will have to carve a path through vampire-infested lands.

Players can enjoy co-op content based on what's been shown so far. The fans are quite excited, and Arkane must ensure they deliver on their promises. Redfall has a lot of scope as it's a fresh IP with plenty of potential. The co-op seems to add an important element of replayability, which will go beyond the story campaign.

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