Will Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have dual protagonists?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 might have two protagonists for players to try out (Image via Monolith Soft)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 might have two protagonists for players to try out (Image via Monolith Soft)

Nintendo Direct 2.9.2022 has had several incredible announcements for Switch owners, with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 being one of the biggest reveals.

Monolith Soft's upcoming title is one of the most anticipated by Switch owners, and the game is finally set to launch in September 2022.

The title's release date reveal has gotten fans of the franchise quite excited with what the action role-playing game will have in store and the new features that Monolith Soft will look to introduce this time around.

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While not much is yet revealed about the title, the community is quite certain the game will have dual protagonists. Much of this speculation stems from the character descriptions that Monolith Soft has provided for the game so far, which puts Noah and Mio as the two main characters of the narrative.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 might have two protagonists

In Aionios, the world of #XenobladeChronicles3, there are two opposing nations: Keves and Agnus. They’re in steady conflict with each other, and their soldiers fight with their lives on the line every day just to survive.

Xenoblade Chronicle 3’s character descriptions provide fans with a fair bit of information about what they can expect from the game once it officially launches later this year.

When talking about the primary character Noah, the developers describe him as,

“One of the protagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and a solider of Keves. Noah is also an “off-seer” who mourns for soldiers who’ve lost their lives on the battlefield.”

While this confirms that Noah will be the main protagonist of the game, Mio’s description too alludes to the speculation that perhaps he will be one of the primary playable characters of the game.

His description reads,

“The other protagonist of this story, Mio, is a soldier of Agnus and an off-seer like Noah.”

If Xenoblade Chronicles 3 arrives with a narrative and gameplay that champion a dual protagonist system, then it will indeed be very interesting to see how the game plays out once it gets its official launch.

Hopefully, both Nintendo and Monolith Soft will provide further information on the game in the coming months, which will include combat mechanics, narrative structure, and other gameplay aspects.

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