Wuthering Waves free 5-star Resonator compensation release date and countdown

Image showing Wuthering Waves characters
Wuthering Waves free 5-star Resonator compensation details (Image via Kuro Games)

A free 5-star Resonator reward is heading to Wuthering Waves on May 26, 2024, as compensation for the optimization issues that appeared in the game after the global launch. Developer Kuro Games has acknowledged the current state of the title and has promised to incorporate several changes in future updates to rejuvenate the gameplay experience.

Players have been duly compensated with free wishes and are about to receive the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides, which will serve as the character selector. Read on to learn more about this free 5-star Resonator compensation in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves Free 5-star Resonator compensation release details

The devs of Wuthering Waves have announced the free 5-star character compensation after receiving numerous complaints about the poor game optimization. They also shared a follow-up notice containing more details about the associated Resonator Convene Giveback event, which will be released on May 26, 2024, at 10 am (UTC+8).

To be eligible for the compensation, Rovers must reach Union Level 8 or complete the trial in “First Resonance” as it unlocks the Convene function. It is worth noting that the giveback event will be available until May 22, 2025 (for almost a year), so there is no need to rush.

That said, players might be confused about the exact free 5-star Resonator compensation release time considering it will be rolled out simultaneously across all servers. So, here is a countdown that will help them track the remaining time.

Free 5-star Resonator compensation details

According to the official announcement, Rovers will receive the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides via the in-game mailing system at the specified time. They can select one of the 5-star characters from the Convene event in Wuthering Waves and use the voucher to guarantee the summon.

For those out of the loop, only the 5-star Standard Resonators are up for grabs. The roster includes the following entities:

  • Verina (Spectro Rectifier user)
  • Encore (Fusion Rectifier user)
  • Calcharo (Electro Broadblade user)
  • Lingyang (Glacio Gauntlet user)
  • Jianxin (Aero Gauntlet user)
Verina and Calcharo are the best 5-star Standard Resonators (Image via Kuro Games)
Verina and Calcharo are the best 5-star Standard Resonators (Image via Kuro Games)

Among them, Verina is a solid unit to go for, as she is a powerful support character who can be used by almost every team in the game. She can heal allies while also providing a damage buff that lasts quite a while.

Another great option to summon from the compensation reward is Calcharo. He is a powerful DPS unit that excels at dealing on-field damage. Calcharo will also be a great teammate for Yinlin, the 5-star Resonator from the next banner.

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