Wyvern Riding: How to mount creatures in Monster Hunter Rise

Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise (Image via
Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise (Image via
Manodeep Mukherjee

Wyvern Riding is one of the most significant new features in Monster Hunter Rise. It is a fresh new take on mounting monsters and riding and controlling them in combat.

Compared to previous Monster Hunter titles, where players were able to ride monsters for a limited time, Monster Hunter Rise lets them ride and control the movement of monsters for a generous amount of time.

If players are resourceful, they can use this feature to their advantage and inflict severe damage to their target monster. Also, wyvern riding in Monster Hunter Rise is extremely fun.


Before diving into this article, Monster Hunter Rise players are recommended to run the “Learning to Ride” Wyvern Riding tutorial mission from the Village.

Although this tutorial mission does not do enough justice in teaching the complex mechanics of wyvern riding to players, it is still a decent groundwork, covering the basics of the system.

How to mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

To mount monsters, players will first have to get the said monster into a mountable state. There are three ways that this can be accomplished:

  • Puppet Spiders: Puppet Spiders are a kind of Endemic Life that instantly puts monsters in a mountable state. Like other Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise, they can be picked up throughout the map and stored in the player inventory, like an item. To use the Puppet Spiders, players need to highlight it on the Item Bar and press Y to use.
  • Sinkbind, wirebug, and aerial attacks: Using Silkbind, Wirebug, and Aerial attacks consistently against a monster deals mounting damage on it. When players have their wirebugs fully charged, they should always try to execute silkbind attacks. Also, a blue shine will appear behind the damage numbers whenever a player deals mounting damage. So, it is a good visual indicator.
  • Making monsters fight each other: A monster attacking another monster will eventually wear it down to its mountable state. Users can achieve this by attacking another monster while riding one. Another scenario where this would be possible is when monsters wear themselves out in a turf war. Players can instigate a turf war by luring monsters to the same area. Specific Endemic Lives like the Stinkmink or the Wailnard can be used to achieve this. The monster which loses the turf war will always be mountable.

Now that the monster is ready to be mounted, players have to approach the creature and choose the prompt. Now, they will be able to explore the map for a while on the back of said creature or take this opportunity to inflict damage to their target monster.

It may take a few attempts to correctly grasp the wyvern riding mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a fairly complex system, but once a hunter masters the Wyvern Ride, they can put the game’s monsters to work for themselves.

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