"Stop being a highroad andy": xQc and AdmiralBahroo have tense back-and-forth regarding current Twitch meta

xQc was involved in a heated discussion with AdmiralBahroo on Twitter (Image via AdmiralBahroo, xQc)
xQc was involved in a heated discussion with AdmiralBahroo on Twitter (Image via AdmiralBahroo, xQc)
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Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel and Preston "AdmiralBahroo" Shimek were recently involved in a heated discussion regarding the MasterChef meta on Twitch. With xQc claiming that Shimek was being a "highroad andy" with his opinions.

Lately, quite a few popular Twitch streamers have begun to stream random MasterChef US episodes. Leading to Gordon Ramsay himself calling out the meta, claiming that people can watch his new Next Level Chef series on Twitch if they miss an episode on Hulu or Fox.

Additionally, a Twitch official recently claimed that creators who stream TV shows are liable to be DMCA-stricken. AdmiralBahroo posted a tweet criticizing the meta while xQc defended it, claiming that streamers have been posting copyrighted content for a number of years.

@AdmiralBahroo "stricter rules". If you are not infringing then what are you worried about? Stop being a highroad andy. Technically, every streamer is infringing on a regular basis. It seems you are more focused on other streamers growth than the problem itself.

xQc and AdmiralBahroo argue over new Twitch MasterChef meta

xQc is one of several Twitch streamers who have in recent weeks been watching various MasterChef episodes. He recently claimed that his team was in talks with the owners of the show to get permission to react to episodes. This was after Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker received a copyright takedown during a recent MasterChef livestream.

Lengyel had initially claimed that he wanted to move on from the meta and said that he was addicted to it. When AdmiralBahroo posted the initial tweet criticizing the creators for promoting the meta, Lengyel was quick to defend it.

AdmiralBahroo had suggested that streamers watching MasterChef episodes were acting in a selfish manner.

I really am tired of the Twitch meta.Purposely break the rules while acting dumb in the process so you can take a 2 day vacation and then be welcomed back with 3x viewership + exposure.All the while everyone else now has to deal with stricter rules for your dumbassary.
@xQc I am worried about the hornet's nest that is DMCA being shook once again. Last time it forced me to delete my entire VOD history because Twitch had no tools in place.But yeah no I am worried about growth of poki, u rite. Have fun continuing to stream master chef or whatever.

In response, Lengyel claimed that the problem lies with Twitch’s rules, and that streamers need not worry if they are not breaking them. AdmiralBahroo simply claimed that he was worried about the impact the meta could have on other content creators on Twitch.

@AdmiralBahroo You know damn well that DMCA is enforced selectively and the simple action of PLAYING videogame on stream of listening to music in a game could get you striked. People have been navigating around it for years. The nest was gonna get poked sooner or later. Get mad boomer
@xQc You're right it is enforced selectively. Until content ID matching makes it way to live platforms and an automatic shutdowns happen. This system was put in place due to Viacom's lawsuit.Guess who owns avatar? Viacom. Beside, you seem more riled up than me.

The two obviously do not see eye to eye on the topic, despite AdmiralBahroo conceding at the end that DMCA is selectively applied.

@AdmiralBahroo @xQc xQc is just in panic mode , because what if the production company behind Masterchef decides to sue his ass over the potential millions of dollars they're gonna claim he's made of them, their content, there is absolutely no fair use policy or sub paragraph he can claim.
@AdmiralBahroo @xQc Do people even realize that Viacom (the people that own Avatar) almost got YouTube SHUT DOWN almost a decade and a half ago?They are NASTY when it comes to their copyrights. They almost won if YouTube didn’t state they had no idea what happens on their platform.
@AdmiralBahroo @xQc Why are ppl acting as if bahroo's wrong do y'all lack critical thinking
@xQc @AdmiralBahroo "We already made it, so why should I care?"Sweet argument, glad to see you're concerned about Twitch and others
@xQc @AdmiralBahroo What are you talking about??Every streamer infringing on a regular basis??No. Absolutely not. Dont call people a highroad andy just because theyve wised up to streamer's shenanigans on abusing the system just to get a bigger better viewership...but then again youre used to that
@xQc @AdmiralBahroo Calling other people Highroad andy as he begs for Gordons scraps in the DMs

As the tweets suggest, the overall community seemed to agree with AdmiralBahoo and claimed that the former Overwatch professional was simply acting out.

xQc, however, has confirmed that he isn't going to let go of the "reaction meta" any time soon as his team is seemingly in talks with the show:

AdmiralBahroo seems to be against the MasterChef meta simply because creators obviously know that when reacting to TV shows they are infringing copyright rules. This can have an impact on other creators due to increased scrutiny from Twitch, something AdmiralBahroo does not want.

Lengyel, on the other hand, believes that streamers on Twitch are always under the same risk of receiving copyright takedowns due to Twitch’s problematic TOS.

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