xQc believes Adin Ross's surge in popularity threatens the position of big streamers like Ludwig on Twitch 

xQc shares his two cents on the Ludwig and Adin Ross drama (Image via xQc Twitch)
xQc shares his two cents on the Ludwig and Adin Ross drama (Image via xQc Twitch)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel broke his silence on the Adin Ross and Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren drama. The Canadian streamer stated that the big streamers on Twitch feel threatened by Ross's surge in popularity.

The feud between Ludwig and Ross has taken over the Amazon-owned streaming platform, with both sides taking virtual jabs at each other.

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FaZe Banks joined in on the drama in an effort to quash the dispute between the two personalities. From the looks of it, his intervention has more or less failed.

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xQc, who is known for his outspoken personality, came out to share his two cents on the matter. He began by stating how he sympathizes with Ross, revealing that other big streamers on the platform feel threatened by the introduction of a fresh face.

xQc weighs in on the Ludwig and Adin Ross feud

During his May 31st stream, xQc shed light on the feud that has taken the entire community by storm. The Canadian streamer looked a bit flustered but stated that Ross' rise to the apex of Twitch has unsettled other big streamers on the platform.

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Furthermore, the variety streamer believes that other streamers on the platform should give the newcomer a warm welcome and should be a part of his success.

He said:

“I know what it’s like dude, to kind of come out of nowhere… everybody is kind of molding and everyone is being kind of bitter, and they kinda throw comments.”'

xQc went on to say that because every streamer has a different playstyle and emanates unique content, streamers don't need to be insecure of each other's success.

Twitch boasts the presence of streamers who stream a wide array of titles. This not only gives viewers a lot to choose from but also gives the streamers streaming a common title a chance to collaborate.

xQc concluded by saying:

“Every stream is unique, everybody does their own thing… trying to limit everybody’s success and minimizing it, you just look like a f***ing dumbass, and it’s just like… it’s just a joke lol, shut up.”

The Canadian streamer had no intention of sparking off another debate but made it clear that he sided with Adin Ross on the current issue. xQc might be one of the most followed subscribers on Twitch, but he had to invest countless hours working on his brand before becoming a household name in the community.

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