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xQc explains why Twitch's new PogChamp emote is not "poggish" enough

Image via xQc
Image via xQc
Modified 11 Jan 2021, 20:29 IST

xQc had a discussion on his livestream and explained the concept of PogChamp and why a particular day's Pog was not up-to-par.

It is hard to deny the valid point raised by xQc's regarding the meaning of PogChamp. REVERSAL was the PogChamp of the day being critiqued.

Image via xQc & Reversal
Image via xQc & Reversal

xQc was quick to point out that the Pog emote was not facing the correct way. It was instead facing left and looking right. As xQc put it, "this guy's looking elsewhere. This is hinting at, this screams uncertainty." This is a stark contrast to the way other emotes have been thus far. While most were surprised and amazed about what is happening to the right, the PogChamp of the day that the streamer was referring to seems to be questioning the validity of what is happening to his right.

xQc states why the PogChamp must emote face the direction that they are looking with certainty of the situation's incredible nature. "This happened! Not, wait, did it happen, or did it not happen?" He points out that PogChamp was created to express a feeling of utter excitement just like Twitch mentioned in their tweet when strongly considering removing the emote entirely.

"The most hype moments on Twitch," and what the streamer wants to get across is that a complete hype moment would give players the expression of the original PogChamp - a complete brain explosion to the awesome thing that just happened in front of them.

To be fair to Reversal, all players have different expressions when something incredible happens in front of them. Some may have a look of disbelief at the astounding situation. All Pog is not equal in its certainty or intensity. It is important to keep in mind that the new idea was to make PogChamp a reflection of the community rather than one streamer.

New streamers are starting to add their own mark to this new PogChamp emote. Whether this is a good or bad thing will dictate how often the community uses the emote in the months to come.


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xQc is not the only one who is feeling a distance from the new PogChamp emotes

xQc may just be saying what many Twitch users are feeling. Whenever a new PogChamp emote is announced, countless replies carry a feeling of sadness, anger, and remorse over the change. Conversely, there are fans of the streamers who are excited over the idea of using their favorite streamer's face in their PogChamp emote.

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Whenever a change comes to the community, it is bound to invoke mixed emotions. Leaders of the groups in the community will champion the feelings of many just like xQc. Luckily, each day brings a new PogChamp. These hard feelings won't carry on for long and new opinions will form.

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Published 11 Jan 2021, 20:29 IST
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