xQc gets a Quadra Kill in OTK's League of Legends tournament

xQc gets a Quadra Kill in OTK's League of Legends tournament (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc gets a Quadra Kill in OTK's League of Legends tournament (Image via Sportskeeda)

During the League of Legends tournament that was held by the streamer group One True King (OTK), xQc pulled off a Quadra Kill against team Sodapoppin.

Today, the League of Legends tournament was held by OTK, with a prize pool of $10,000, with some of the most popular League streamers participating. One of the contestants was xQc on Team "Buddha," which featured himself. Buddha, Sykkuno, Blaustoise and Harry.

After Team Buddha won their first match, they then had to face Team "Sodapoppin," which featured Sodapoppin, Roflgator, Lacari, Surefour, and the VTuber Filian. Sodapoppin himself would be a challenge to go up against, as he has been streaming league for the better part of this year with his girlfriend VeiBae.

This next team requires no introduction...πŸ† TEAM BUDDHA πŸ†@Thebuddha_3 @xQc @Sykkuno @Harryo_ @blaustoise TOMORROW @ 2PM | #OTKRIFT πŸ‘‘

xQc gets a Quadra Kill and an Ace against Team Sodapoppin

Even when put against a pretty decent team, xQc managed to pull off an amazing string of kills, granting him a Quadra Kill along with an Ace. It started when one of his teammates rushed into the enemy team, creating a large amount of attacks to be directed at them.

The Canadian streamer took advantage of this moment of confusion and rushed into battle, staying completely silent as he focused 100% on killing the enemy team.

Sykkuno, who was on Team Buddha, gave some light commentary while everyone else was dead silent.

"This is really bad... This is kinda good, I don't know, he took a lot of damage on that. Stunned him! I barely got damage left..."

Right as he stopped talking, xQc killed the last standing member of Team Sodapoppin, granting him both a Quadra Kill and an Ace since he dealt the final blow to every enemy that died. His team erupted in celebration, screaming and hollering after witnessing such an amazing feat of skill

"THATS MY JUICER!!" / "Penta? Penta?! PENTA?!" / "What? Oh my god!"

Viewers react to xQc's display

Many celebrated the amazing kill-streak on Reddit, with some sharing their jokes about the "juicer," while others said moments like these are why they enjoy playing League.

With the two teams being in the final match, which as of writing this is currently happening, it'll be interesting to see if Team Sodapoppin can return the favor by achieving their own Quadra Kill on Team Buddha.

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