xQc gives his carnival prize to Sykkuno as duo shares truly wholesome moment on Twitch stream

xQc gave Sykkuno his carnival prize, leaving fans gushing (Image via YouTube)
xQc gave Sykkuno his carnival prize, leaving fans gushing (Image via YouTube)
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Many streamers recently got together at a carnival, and fan-favorites Sykkuno and xQc were there too! Sykkuno is a massive fan of the latter, and yesterday, they got to meet each other for the first time. Shroud, Valkyrae, Ludwig, Leslie, and Bnans were also present.

Here's a clip of xQc giving away his carnival winning prize to Sykkuno as they both shared a very wholesome moment.


xQc gives his carnival prize to Sykkuno

Yesterday, xQc and Sykkuno met in person for the first time. They have been playing a lot of GTA Online RP together recently and have bonded online.

The popular streamer sent Sykkuno a video message for his birthday, which created a lot of hype and brought the two of them even closer.

Here, in the clip, we can see both sharing a very wholesome moment as Felix gifted Sykkuno his winning prize at one booth. Upon receiving the teddy bear, the latter was elated and expressed his gratitude as the two hugged.

Aww moment


xQc and Sykkuno's wholesome friendship

Sykkuno said this after receiving xQc's birthday wish video:

"He's actually super cool. I feel like we get along a lot. I think the reason I get along with him so well is that many people think, 'Oh Sykkuno is so wholesome, X is toxic,' right? I don't think that's how it is, guys. I think I understand a lot of his struggles, you know."


Sykkuno also spoke about how he feels about xQc as a person. He told his followers that he understands a lot of Canadians' struggles and that he thinks Felix is a really sweet and wholesome person in real life.

"A lot of people treat him differently because he's the big streamer out there. People see him slightly differently and not in the way you think. Sometimes they treat him worse, sometimes better, but we're similar in the way that we both just want to play games and have fun, try and make some friends and stuff. And I think that's why we get along, I think. He's super cool."
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Overall, it was a very wholesome and cute moment between the two friends. Even though fans of both the streamers might consider it a very unusual friendship, they get along very well together.

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