"Shut the f**k up already!": xQc provides his take on a TikToker's angry rant against patriarchy

xQc reacts to TikToker's rant against the patriarchy (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc reacts to TikToker's rant against the patriarchy (Image via Sportskeeda)
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During his latest stream, while watching various TikToks, popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" had some harsh words to say against a video of a woman talking about the differences in work ethic between men and women, and how they shouldn't be compared.

The video he was watching was made by popular TikToker Caylee Cresta, who makes videos with the intent of empowering women and making them feel more confident in their relationships.

The video he was watching had the caption:

"Let's stop comparing work ethic."

xQc reacts to TikToker complaining about patriarchy

At the start of her video, Cresta went through a hypothetical interaction between a married couple, where the wife asked the husband to take out the trash.

"I love these guys who will say, 'No, I'll take the trash out later, I worked all day.' And the wife will usually say some variation of, 'You know, I had a hard day too.'"

She added that husbands will usually say that physical labor is more intensive then whatever the wife did all day, which she then used to try and segue into her argument against comparing work ethic.

"And the man will say, 'Yeah? But did you do physical labor?' I just want to know when, as women, do we-"

Before she could continue her rant on the differences in work ethics between men and women, xQc paused the video and told her to shut up, clearly annoyed by the way the video was attempting to portray men.

"Shut the f*ck up already, man! Holy sh*t!"

He quickly moved on to the next video, not paying any mind to the TikTok and the message it was attempting to spread.

Many fans reacted to the clip on Reddit, with plenty of people agreeing with the streamer's annoyance. Many said that their relationships are very different than the situation that the video was attempting to portray.

By the looks of it, people were not disagreeing with the message. However, it seemed like people were annoyed at Cresta, and not the message she was trying to spread.

While it may seem at first glance that xQc disagrees with the idea of women being empowered, it's more likely that he found issues with the video's creator rather than the actual message it was attempting to portray.

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