“You gotta tattoo I love Messi” - KSI and IShowSpeed strike deal before USA vs England

IShowSpeed and KSI make audacious challenge (Image via Sportskeeda)
IShowSpeed and KSI make audacious challenge (Image via Sportskeeda)

English YouTuber JJ "KSI" and American streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" FaceTimed each other during the latter's watch-along livestream ahead of England vs. USA Group B match of the FIFA World Cup 2022. In the call, the duo made a bodacious bet with each other.

If England were to win, IShowSpeed would have to pay JJ $50K plus get a tattoo reading, "I love Messi." If the Americans were to get the three points, JJ promised to pay Darren $50K in addition to calling football "soccer" for the next three months. During the call, JJ exclaimed:

“You gotta tattoo 'I love Messi.'”

Unfortunately, for both fans of the creators and the teams, the match ended in a goalless draw.


KSI and IShowSpeed exchange banter ahead of England vs. USA fixture

IShowSpeed received a surprise call from JJ, who made an audacious bet with the former during his livestream on November 25. This was Darren's second watch-along following Portugal vs. Ghana match. During the call, IShowSpeed said:

"Let's do a bet right now...20 thousand."

KSI responded by suggesting raising the stakes. He said:

"If USA wins, I give you 50K. If England wins, you gotta get a tattoo, so basically, this is like our previous bet, but it's more real."

(Timestamp: 00:29:20)

He continued:

"You gotta put 'I love Messi' on a part of your body."

IShowSpeed, who was confident of USA's chances ahead of the match, said:

"I truly believe that USA is gon bust England's a**."

After a friendly discussion, the duo agreed to make some additions to the bet. The final wager, as KSI declared, was:

"There's 50K on the line, and also I'll have to call football "soccer" for three months, and then if USA loses, you pay me 50K plus you gotta tattoo 'I love Messi' on your body."
Can’t wait for you to get that “I love Messi” tattoo when England beat the USA 😂😂😂 @ishowspeedsui

Despite the high stakes, there was no outcome since the match ended in a goalless draw, meaning the result nullified the duo's agreement.

I guess nothing happens with the bets lol

KSI and IShowSpeed bets get canceled, and fans react

Fans shared their reactions to the audacious bet put forward by the duo. Despite there being no outcome, fans considered it to be a fun interaction between the pair. Here are some of the reactions:

@KSI blaming u btw
@KSI @ishowspeedsui Both pengland and pamerica is finished in my books
@KSI @ishowspeedsui…

That was not the only bet KSI made yesterday

IShowSpeed was not the only content creator JJ was seen making a wager with on November 25. Fellow YouTuber and business partner Logan Paul also placed a bet with the Englishman.

Tied lol. Spoke to KSI, we decided both US & UK getting an exclusive flavor 🤷🏼‍♂️…

The duo promised to introduce an exclusive PRIME Hydration flavor for whichever country wins. Sadly, there were no goals in the game. The pair, however, decided to work on a new flavor regardless.

The current standings of Group B see England at the top with 4 points. Iran is second with 3 points, followed by the USA with 2 points and Wales with 1.

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