Amouranth's alleged Twitch moderator learns about her husband and has a meltdown

Amouranth's Twitch moderator has a meltdown, Image via Amouranth, Twitch
Amouranth's Twitch moderator has a meltdown, Image via Amouranth, Twitch

This article looks at an incident in which Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa got into an argument with one of her alleged Twitch moderators.

In June 2018, YouTuber “King Fame” posted a video on the “L OF THE DAY” YouTube channel claiming that Amouranth was married. Amouranth responded to the video by claiming that it had put her under real “physical danger” by revealing her “non-private information to the public.”

The streamer did not discuss the veracity of the claims made in the video. Amouranth had allegedly married “Nick Lee” in 2015. Regardless, around the same time a screenshot of an alleged chat between Amouranth and one of her alleged Twitch moderators began doing the rounds on the internet.

In the screenshot, Amouranth can be seen claiming that she “hides the fact that she has a husband” as people can get “turned off by the information”. The streamer claimed in a July 2020 podcast with fellow female creators Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon, Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta and Dizzy Kitten that the screenshot was fake and was not married.

Amouranth said that the person who posted the screenshot had later admitted to it being fake. By then, people had already accepted the rumor that was married as a fact.

Throwback to when Amouranth was said to be married due to a fake conversation screenshot

Apart from alleging that King Fame should be held accountable for leaking her “non-private” information on YouTube, Amouranth did not specifically talk about the “marriage claims” initially. She commented sarcastically, and suggested that just because she receives a large amount of donations does not mean she is available to her fans “to date.”

"Haven't you heard the news? Every female on the internet is eligible to be dated by people who see her. She's an eligible candidate for every person who sees her. That is the law of the land.”

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Additionally, as the screenshot suggests, Amouranth called one of her unnamed Twitch moderators “cute” who can be seen going on a full-blown rant against the streamer. The alleged moderator was angry because he was under the impression that Amouranth had led him on despite being married.

However, during a podcast appearance, the streamer later claimed that the screenshot and the “moderator” were fake. Amouranth discussed with her fellow female creators how online rumors tend to spread quickly. The streamer said that even today, a few fans think that she is secretly married.

The YouTuber said that he received a copy of her actual “marriage certificate” along with other private information, but chose not to release it. Hence, it cannot be said for certain if Amouranth is married or not. The streamer herself has claimed that the rumors are fake.

Regardless, Amouranth has recently been banned from Twitch after posting multiple "suggestive" ASMR streams.

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