"You're looking for some sort of validation": Pokimane calls out Mizkif following Valkyrae's RFLCT scam

Pokimane calls out Mizkif for trying to get validation over RLFCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane calls out Mizkif for trying to get validation over RLFCT controversy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

Valkyrae broke her silence regarding the RFLCT scam on what has been considered a "trainwreck of a stream" on October 23, 2021. However, before she dug a deeper grave for herself, Mizkif came through and stopped her from going through various Reddit posts related to the RFLCT scam. Furthermore, he asked her to stop her livestream and go hang out with some friends offline.

He was in conversation with Pokimane during a later stream, where he tried to subtly bring up the topic of his actions regarding Valkyrae's livestream. However, Pokimane was quick to call him out for trying to seek validation regarding the matter and said that she would not act as his "validation button."

"I feel like you're looking for some sort of affirmation in regards to what you did last night. Is that where we're going here?"

Pokimane calls out Mizkif for seeking validation after making Valkyrae end her RFLCT scam livestream

When Mizkif brought up the topic of Valkyrae's livestream and how he gave her advice which helped her, Pokimane did not hesitate to call him out. She said that while what he did as a friend was good, she would not act as his "validation button." Like many others, Pokimane also believed that many streamers would have definitely used Rae's livestream addressing the RFLCT scam as a means of content.

"I agree with what you said, that like if you weren't the one reacting to her stream, it would have been xQc or Hasan, or likely all three of you at the same time, fighting for a clip. LSF real estate, right?"

However, she did mention that she appreciated Mizkif for not being mean about it. He simply made jokes and tried to divert the hate comments from Valkyrae's chat towards himself. But she also made it clear that whether other streamers cared about how their reactions would affect Valkyrae was their personal decision, but she would probably not do something like that, just out of respect for their friendship.

Pokimane was not wrong about the fact that other streamers may have chosen to be mean about Valkyrae's RFLCT scam stream, as was proved when xQc reacted to clips of the same several hours later. The French-Canadian streamer ripped Valkyrae apart for trying to blame her friends for not informing her about the lack of valid information on the website. He stated that it was solely her job and the blame simply could not be shifted on any of her friends.


Valkyrae later confirmed that she did not mean to blame her friends for anything related to the RFLCT scam, even if it may have sounded that way. It looks like she took Mizkif's advice to go off stream since she did not make any more statements regarding the RFLCT scam after ending her livestream on October 23, 2021.

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