"You're on Rumble" - BruceDropEmOff goes off on Mizkif, says "nobody will literally care" if the latter kills himself

BruceDropEmOff shared strong sentiments regarding Mizkif
BruceDropEmOff shared strong sentiments regarding Mizkif's decision to move to Rumble (Images via BruceDropEmOff and Mizkif/Twitter)

On June 2, 2023, controversial streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" went live for the first time on his Kick channel. A particular moment from the broadcast has gone viral, during which the content creator shared some relatively strong sentiments for One True King (OTK) co-founder Matthew "Mizkif." BruceDropEmOff expressed his displeasure with the latter's signing with Rumble and brought up a past livestream which he abruptly ended. He then remarked:

"Y'all remember that night I ended the stream? Y'all remember this right here, that I randomly ended the stream where I got back from Texas? It was that night. That was the night that everything happened. But Mizkif, you can kill yourself, on god! Nobody will literally f**king care, on god. Like, you're on Rumble. F**k Rumble. Rumble is literally a f**king dead. Conservative alt website."

"Kick is the f**king way" - BruceDropEmOff gives his take on streamers leaving Twitch and signing with other platforms

The former OTK member continued the conversation by stating that the Trainwreckstv-backed platform, Kick, is the way to go for streamers looking to switch:

"Kick is the f**king way. You n****s know it. You n****s is just too f**king scared to admit it because you n****s is f**king... you n****s is so f**king scared of f**king Twitch!"

Bruce slammed the desk, claiming that content creators will now be compelled to join new platforms due to the expiration of their 70-30 Twitch contracts in June:

"Losing your f**king 70-30 contracts that are about to go away in June, anyway. That's why you n****s is about to sign to a different platform. (The streamer slams his desk) Any-f**king-way! Any way! So, do it! You need to f**king do it! Do it! Now! Sign it!"

The 22-year-old burst out laughing and said he was "recruiting" for Kick:

"I'm just recruiting. I mean, this is my recruiting."

Netizens react to BruceDropEmOff's clip

The streamer's clip quickly gained traction on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with Redditor u/v0idst4r2 highlighting that Kai Cenat and Darren "IShowSpeed" have also signed contracts with Rumble:

Another community member provided a timeline of the controversy involving BruceDropEmOff and Mizkif:

According to Reddit user u/riser56, the content creator "wants attention":

Some of the more relevant responses were along these lines:

BruceDropEmOff is one of the most popular Just Chatting streamers who rose to prominence in 2022. The Riverdale, Georgia native is no stranger to controversy, having been banned from Twitch for holding a "f**k dem" banner next to a box of saltine crackers.

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