Corpse Husband is actually Bob from Bob's Burgers according to a YouTuber

Image via Corpse Husband and FOX
Image via Corpse Husband and FOX

Corpse Husband was recently called out by a YouTuber named "apandah." Apandah claimed that the marked YouTuber is Bob from the animated television show Bob's Burgers in a strange but viral video.

Apandah's hilarious video tries to expose the YouTube industry. He stated that all YouTube beefs are fake and that all YouTubers love each other.

He added that every YouTuber knows one another, including people like Corpse Husband.


He said that the masked YouTuber isn't who he says he is. Apandah goes into detail about how no one knows Corpse Husband as well as he knows him. After a lot of fluff and delay, he finally claimed that Corpse Husband is Bob from Bob's Burgers.


Part of his reasoning was that Bob from Bob's Burgers sounds a lot like Corpse Husband when he sings. He also put forward that Bob looks sad sometimes and Corpse Husband is often singing sad songs.

From these two points, it's clear why he keeps saying "I know it's hard to believe" in the video.

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He had other reasons:

  • Bob's hair is black like Corpse Husband's.
  • Bob sounds like the YouTuber.
  • Bob is tan, and Corpse Husband is half-Mexican.
  • Corpse Husband has a song called "White Tee (Alternate Bass Boosted Version)" And Bob wears a white tee.
  • Corpse Husband likes burgers.
  • Corpse Husband's name is Bob

He ends his video with an edited version of one of Corpse Husband's track. It's not clear why he made a song about the YouTuber in this manner or why he put it in the video.

Apandah stated that he chose to put it in his video "for the real Corpsies out there."

While the video can be seen as humorous, apandah doesn't really look like he's joking. Everything was said with a straight voice.

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The video is most likely a response to Corpse Husband beating Jschlatt for a billboard in Times Square

Apandah also mentioned that the recent competition between Corpse Husband and Jschlatt was rigged. He claimed that Jschlatt deserved to win.

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