Yun Jin's elemental skill, burst, idle animation, and rarity revealed in Genshin Impact 2.4 leaks

Animations have been leaked for a future Genshin Impact character, Yun Jin (Image via Sportskeeda)
Animations have been leaked for a future Genshin Impact character, Yun Jin (Image via Sportskeeda)

Genshin Impact recently announced Yun Jin as a playable character, and leaks have since begun to reveal her gameplay.

Yun Jin, along with Shenhe, is expected to make her debut in version 2.4 of Genshin Impact. Yun Jin's been foreshadowed as a playable character for over a year, but she's only just been confirmed as a Geo polearm character. Now, thanks to recent leaks, gamers have more insight into Yun Jin's kit, rarity, and release date.

Yun Jin's rarity and gameplay in Genshin Impact

"One performance by Yun Jin at our tea house rakes in enough Mora that we won't have to open for a whole month!" — Fan Er'ye of Heyu Tea House◆ Yun Jin ‧ Stage Lucida◆ Current Director of Yun-Han Opera Troupe◆ Geo◆ Opera Grandis#GenshinImpact

Yun Jin's rarity

According to leaks, Yun Jin will be a 4-star character in Genshin Impact.

Leaks suggest that both new characters in Genshin Impact 2.4, Yun Jin and Shenhe, will appear on the same banner. While Shenhe will be the premier character on the banner, Yun Jin will have increased drop rates along with the other featured 4-stars.

Yun Jin is predicted to arrive on the first banner in 2.4, so Genshin Impact players can assume her release date will be January 5.

[2.4 Beta]Banner 1 - [Shenhe 5⭐ with Yun Jin 4⭐]Banner 2 - [Unconfirmed]

With no other new characters announced for version 2.4, the second half of this version may feature rerun banners. As of version 2.3, Genshin Impact has begun releasing two rerun banners at once. Therefore, players can likely expect the same from the end of 2.4.

Yun Jin's animations and elemental abilities

A popular Genshin Impact leaker, Lumie, recently shared a video of Yun Jin in-game. In the video below, fans can see all of Yun Jin's idle animations, as well as her normal attack, charged attack, and elemental abilities.

Yun Jin Idles and GameplaySpecial thanks once more :)Streamable:

With her Elemental Skill, Yun Jin makes a large horizontal slash with her polearm. By holding this ability, Yun Jin may also form a shield.

Yun Jin's other elemental ability is a little more flashy. By performing her Elemental Burst, Yun Jin creates four flags that surround the active character. These flags may buff a character's damage based on Yun Jin's defense.

Gamers who want to summon Yun Jin will have to wait until early next year, but more information about the character may arrive in the version 2.4 livestream.

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