Zenless Zone Zero: All you need to know about the new HoYoverse game

Zenless Zone Zero will be revealed soon (Image via Hoyoverse)
Zenless Zone Zero will be revealed soon (Image via Hoyoverse)
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Genshin Impact developers Hoyoverse will be debuting their new game Zenless Zone Zero this Friday, and fans won't want to miss out. They've recently released a teaser website for the game where users can learn more tidbits about the world and the game's backstory. The site also has a countdown to the game's official reveal on May 13, 2022.

This new game will bring tons of unique content and will bring a playstyle unlike anything else released by Hoyoverse so far. Gamers can find out more about this upcoming game here.

Zenless Zone Zero: The new game from Hoyoverse will likely be a third-person shooter

Beside Genshin and Honkai Star Rail, Mihoyo has been developing another project game that will get a reveal in the near future.Zenless Zone Zero

The new action adventure game from hit developers Hoyoverse will be getting an official trailer and game reveal soon. The game is known as Zenless Zone Zero, and it features new gameplay elements with a focus on shooter-based combat. This is unlike Hoyoverse's previous games that were centered around the hack and slash genre.

Zenless Zone ZERO, a new AAA, TPS, anime style - Open World from miHoYo#ZenlessZoneZero

Based on current information, the game will likely be a third-person shooter, with open world exploration and tons of content to discover. Hoyoverse is known for their combat and exploration, so bringing these together for a new game will likely work out well. Not much else is known about the gameplay, but it will probably feature the usual mobile game trappings like an energy system and a gacha mechanic.

#ZZZ #ZenlessZoneZero #绝区零Voice from inside the TV–"OK, long story short.We've recorded this as a…declaration.But of course, not officiallyJust look at these... Doomsd... Cur... HahahahahaDon't believe it.Aside from that…Doomsd…...saster!Cur…Li...

Fans can head to the game's announcement site to see a teaser for the game, along with a countdown to the official reveal. The teaser details some information about the world, which seems to be on the brink of collapse. The player will be tasked with completing difficult commissions, though whether these are the same as Genshin Impact's commissions is unknown.

News Flash–Dear citizens, a sub-Hollow disaster has occurred in the district you are traveling to.We are playing a special entertainment channel for you to enjoy while you wait. to _____!#ZZZ

The platforms that the game will be released on are currently unknown, but it's likely that fans will be able to play this on both PC and mobile devices, as is common for most Hoyoverse games. Given that the game is being specifically called a Triple A release, it may even see a major console release, similar to Genshin's PS5 port.


This exciting shooter will bring elements from many of Hoyoverse's current hits together under a new IP, and fans won't want to miss out. There will likely be connections to previous games like Honkai Impact, and given the quality of the games released so far, it's likely to be an amazing addition to their lineup.

Hoyoverse's newest game Zenless Zone Zero looks to be amazing, and fans will definitely want to tune in on May 13 for its reveal.

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