2026 F1 engine regulations attract 2 surprise entrants: Reports

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The new engine regulations have courted interest from 2 new manufacturers

The new F1 engine regulations that will be in play from the 2026 season appear to have sparked an interest in a few new players. According to a report by AMUS, it does appear that both Hyundai and Ford are interested in being engine suppliers. The two automotive powers are looking at entering the sport by 2027 as they aim to register by June 30, 2023.

The report stated that while both the companies were looking to enter the sport, the task is harder than it looks at the moment. It said,

"That could then be interesting for companies like Hyundai and Ford, which are said to be looking into entering the premier class. Everyone has a task that is harder than it looks. Although the new engine regulations are designed to reduce complexity and costs, in the end the goal determines the effort."

This does sound great for F1 as the sport has struggled in the past with a paucity of engine suppliers. As late as 2017, Red Bull was one of the customer teams that had to pay dearly as Renault could not produce competitive power units. With the advent of Audi and further addition of players like Ford and Hyundai, it does indicate that the sport is in a healthy state at the moment.

Honda expected to return while Porsche's interest in F1 on the decline

According to the report, for the 2026 F1 season, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Renault are already expected to be a part of the rostrum for the new regulations and the work has already begun. Audi has kickstarted the new facility with around 100 employees. The same, however, cannot be said about Porsche. The brand took a massive hit with the Red Bull fiasco and interest in F1 has waned to a large extent. The report said,

"The new Formula 1 goes green. That had to be the goal if you want to survive politically and get car manufacturers on board. By October 15, Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Red Bull Powertrains will also have committed to building and using a hybrid drive from 2026. Honda may also jump on the bandwagon in time."

The real pieces of the puzzle of who joins the sport for the new regulations and who isn't are still up in the air and will take some time to fall into place.

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