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5 Crazy Moments from the 2018 Baku Grand Prix

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The 2018 Baku GP podium
The 2018 Baku GP podium

The 2018 Formula One Season has gotten off to a cracking start, and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix delivered in spectacular fashion once more. After the hodgepodge of racing madness of the 2017 Baku Grand Prix, and an incredible F2 race this year, how could Baku disappoint?

From flying Ferraris and Force Indias, to multiple spanners in the works for a multitude of teams, and not to mention debris upon debris upon debris, the 2018 Baku GP will go down as a classic, just like last year.

The championship has turned, and the contenders involved in the race for the title are all swapping places like it's anyone's game! Is it possible to accurately rank the madness that went on in Baku?

Probably not, but like always, that won't stop us from trying!

#1 Grosjean's Phantom Crash

Romain Grosjean
Romain Grosjean's car being cleared at the 2018 Baku GP

The safety car was always going to be likely in Baku. What I don't think anyone saw coming, let alone Romain Grosjean himself, was a car crashing under the safety car in Azerbaijan. Of course, Baku is infamous for an incident under the safety car last year, but neither Vettel nor Hamilton were taken out of the race due to their antics last year.

While attempting to get some heat into his tyres on a noticeably cold track surface, Romain Grosjean let his rear end go and smacked the front end of his Haas into the barriers on the narrow streets of Baku. Grosjean was understandably frustrated, as would have been the Haas team, his engineer even going so far as to placate Romain at the time by implying that it was Marcus Ericsson behind him who had nudged the Frenchman into the barriers.

Of course, if Ericsson was the culprit, then Sauber need to be investigated for having access to the dark side of the force, because he was simply too far behind to have played a part. Sorry Romain, but this one was on you!

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