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F1: 5 Best Street Circuits on the calendar.

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Baku City Circuit
Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan

The number of street circuits coming into Formula One has been exponentially increasing. Most street circuits are not permanent racing tracks but used for racing by temporarily clearing off the public during the Grand Prix weekend.

Though this involves a lot of effort and man-time to get the circuit ready for the race (as it includes temporary setup of paddocks, pits, grandstands, and fences), the respective governments are ready to invest for this as it develops tourism.

These circuits are race ready, but still would be a little bumpy, slippy, fewer run-off areas and barriers, demanding more skills from the drivers.

With the news of two new additional street circuits to get into the F1 calendar for the 2019 season, one at Vietnam in the center of their capital city Hanoi and other at the streets of Miami, Florida, it is time we get to know about the top 5 street circuits in F1. 

Here are the 5 street circuits:

#5 Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix
Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix

The three-year-old circuit has already gained a good fan following as it has seen three different winners and has produced way too many fascinating moments. This Baku city circuit is located at Baku, Azerbaijan in Baku Boulevard which runs parallel to the Baku seafront. The circuit would seem like it was specifically built to showcase the city's historic architectural treasures, be it the 12th century Maiden Tower, the Flame Towers and the skyscrapers lit by LED. The first F1 race was held in 2016 season as European Grand Prix and from 2017 the circuit has been hosting the race as the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. 

The 6-kilometer-long anti-clockwise layout is now the second longest circuit in F1 and happens to be the fastest street circuit with a top speed close to 360 km/h. Most of the drivers have lauded the circuit for the challenge it offers with a mixture of both long straights and slow technical sections demanding high precision skills with the absence of run-off areas. Pirelli, the tire manufacturers feel that 90% of the damage to rear tires are from the bolts at the pavement which isn't drilled far enough into the ground. Another concern about the circuit is the lack of run-off areas making it dangerous as even common incidents like tire puncture or mechanical failure can cause serious accidents.  

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