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A Potential Car Damage May Have Contributed to Hamilton's Lack of Pace at the F1 Season Opener

Waleed Shamsi
18 Mar 2019, 14:02 IST

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

After the lights went out and the commentators screamed Away We Go, Hamilton lost at the start to his Finnish buddy Bottas. That was one of the best starts the Formula One Universe could have witnessed.

After losing out at the start to Bottas, Hamilton seemed to have almost no answer for his Finnish buddy's pace but the defending champ was destined to have a duel with Seb. He spent the early part of the race with Sebastian Vettel in a reasonably close battle—certainly close enough to put the Finnish to an early pit stop and at the end of the race had The Dutch hunting him for the second place.

During the race, the defending champ Lewis Hamilton made a few comments over the radio to his team questioning his team's racing strategy and questioning the condition of the tyres. This was so typical of Lewis Hamilton, freaking out when he's not having a great race. Afterwards, he started to complain about the balance issues, which did make sense in the wake of the discovery his team made after the race.

During his duel with Seb he didn't collide with anyone and didn't go off track, it seems like a 'Genie' might have done something bad to his car, huh? Unless we all close our eyes and go to that particular flashback of Hamilton vs Vettel. Now after focusing on the detail of that duel we see that Hamilton runs over the debris. Yes! Now everything starts to make sense. Thank God it was Hamilton himself damaging the car and not the Genie! But you still never know what might come out as the reason. Maybe it was Genie.

This damage would also explain a large gap between the two. Though it did have a combination ofa little bit of tyre saving while keeping the factor constant that Bottas was simply awesome.

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