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Fernando Alonso - A deserving champion

764   //    19 Nov 2012, 09:49 IST

A deserving champion?

So the title fight is still alive. Hamilton’s brilliant drive in Austin ensured that Alonso will have one more chance to grab his third driver’s title.

It is good for the sport that it’s going down to the wire this year; last year, Vettel dominating like no one had done before him, had taken a bit of an edge off the spectacle. Thankfully, this year could not have been more different.

Now I’ll admit to being a massive Lewis Hamilton fan. He is the reason I follow F1, and I happen to think he is the fastest man in the sport (yes, faster than Vettel). I think he has been terribly unlucky this year. He has driven a near-perfect season; not one mistake comes to mind. Unfortunately, his team has cost him the chance to fight for the championship, which probably explains why he is leaving.

So when you take Hamilton out of the equation, who has been the best driver this year? Ask any one with any kind of F1 knowledge, and they will almost certainly say Alonso.

In a poor car, Alonso has transcended the limitations of what should be possible, race after race. Despite never being able to compete in qualifying, he has been amongst the leaders in nearly every race. Simply put, he has been imperious all year.

Vettel has undoubtedly, in recent races, enjoyed a better car and has made the most of it, as usual. I just can’t bear the thought of Vettel being a triple World Champion though – at least not on the same grid as Hamilton and Alonso.

When it became clear that Hamilton was going to leave McLaren, I prayed he would go to Red Bull. Finally, he would have the chance to prove how much better than Vettel he is, but no, he is going to Mercedes and Vettel will continue to dominate in, by far, the best car.

It is for this reason that F1 is so frustrating. In no other sport could there be an ‘undeserving world champion’. But, that is what we will likely end up with, a week from now in Brazil.

The politically correct nature of F1 will mean Vettel will be hailed as a deserving world champion. But really, those inside and outside F1 will know that Alonso, or even Hamilton, are more deserving champions.

Apparently, rain is predicted for Brazil. This is good. Rain separates the best from the rest, and Alonso has already shown in this season how good he is in the wet.

F1 needs a spark. Alonso (deservedly) snatching the championship from Vettel’s fingers would do the job nicely.

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