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F1 2011: Everything about Pirelli tyres

Murari Kadam
Published Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 IST

The 2011 Formula One season is over after seeing many exciting finishes and the complete domination from Red Bull Racing team. Have you ever wondered about the number of tyres used in entire season? What is the average life of a F1 race tyre? How much rubber has been used to make those tyres? Well, Pirelli has released statistics of the 2011 season. Here is the extraxt:

Tyres used in 2011 season:

A total of 28,600 tyres were provided by Pirelli in 2011 season out of which 24,000 were dry tyres and 4,600 wet tyres. Also Pirelli has provided 6,000 tyres for the tests. Out of 28,600 tyres, only 21,100 dry tyres and 2,900 wet tyres has been used by the teams. Pirelli has recycled all these tyres in this season. The average life span of a dry compound this season was 120 km.

Pirelli’s performance:

The two tracks, Barcelona and Suzuka, has put the most testing into a tyre per km while Monza put the least testing. At Istanbul circuit’s turn 8, the tyres had the longest continuous energy input while the Montréal track was the easiest for tyres in this season.

German Grand Prix was the coldest track for the Pirelli P Zero tyres with ground temperatures of13 degrees Celsius while the overall coldest was Valencia, during winter testing at 6 degrees of ground temperatures.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the hottest track for the Pirelli P Zero tyres with ground temperatures reaching 43 degrees Celsius while the overall hottest was also Abu Dhabi but during the ‘Young Driver Test’ ground temperatures reached 49 degrees Celsius.

Race Duration:

Canadian grand prix was the longest race of the year with the race clocking at 4hrs 04min 39.537s while Italian Grand Prix was the shortest of the year, at just 1hrs 20min 46.272s.



In 2011 season pole position lap records have been broken for 11 times and the race lap records are broken on two occasions.

Sebastian Vettel has led most laps on Pirelli tyres, 739 laps out of possible laps. Sergio Perez has reached the highest speed of the season during Monza qualifying on P Zero tyres with 349.2 kph.

Pirelli and Drivers:

Total number of F1 drivers who drove on P Zero compounds: 57 (including third drivers and young drivers)

Oldest driver to use a P Zero F1 tyre: Martin Brundle (51 years old)

Youngest driver to use  a P Zero F1 tyre: Kevin Ceccon (18 years old)

Some interesting numbers of Pirelli:

Total kilometres raced by all the P Zero compounds in 2011: 307,657 km (races and tests)

Total weight of tyres each member of the pit crew handles during a season: 16,389 kgs

Total number of Pirelli people travelling to a race: 52

Total number of nationalities within the Pirelli F1 team: 10

Total number of languages within the Pirelli F1 team: 14

Number of hours that Paul Hembery has been interviewed at GP events: 61 hrs, 25 min

Total number of goals scored by Paul’s favourite football team, Bristol City, during the season: 18

Pirelli in Formula One overall (since 1950)

·     Races started: 222

·     Wins: 63

·     Pole positions: 66

·     Podium places: 196

·     Fastest laps: 70

(statistics source: Pirelli media office)

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