F1 2019: 5 Early Predictions for the Chinese Grand Prix

Modified 09 Apr 2019
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#3 Vettel out of the Points

F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain
F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel is currently sitting in fifth place in the World Driver's championship race, having only a notched a fourth and fifth place so far in Australia and Bahrain.

Australia saw the Ferraris with a distinct lack of pace, meanwhile, a spin in Bahrain that came from an error meant that he denied himself a second place finish.

Even though Ferrari have seemingly bridged that pace gap against Mercedes, Vettel couldn't finish ahead of them in Bahrain, and I believe that in China something of the sort will happen again.

China last year saw Vettel finished eighth after a touch with Max Verstappen, and the way I see it happening this year, Vettel will see himself running in traffic and while attempting an overtake or a defense, he will make some contact and spin around again.

Vettel essentially lost the chance to fight for the title in 2018 due to a couple of spins, and while Ferrari fans everywhere will be hoping that Vettel's luck turns around, I can only see his car turning around for now.

With the pressure mounting on Vettel from the Tifosi, from Mercedes and absolutely now from teammate Charles Leclerc, I feel that Vettel will need a little bit of time to get on top of it and that he won't be able to by China.

Not only do I see Vettel compromising himself at the 1000th ever Grand Prix, but I also see him finishing outside the points and not just outside the podium positions.

Published 09 Apr 2019
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