F1 2022: Who is bringing what upgrades to the Imola GP

Mercedes is not bringing anything significant for Imola
Mercedes is not bringing anything significant for Imola
Charanjot Singh

The Imola GP is the first race of the season that will be held in Europe and with that, it allows teams to bring upgrades to their cars. This season, we have an entirely new set of technical regulations due to which the scope of growth and jump in performance is going to be much bigger than what was the case earlier.

Simultaneously, though, the Imola GP might not be the perfect time to bring upgrades. The weekend will follow the Sprint race format and hence is going to be very congested for the teams. Regardless, a few teams are bringing something to the board to help propel them up the pecking order. Let's take a look at what the teams have brought to the Imola GP.

Who has brought what to the Imola GP


Mercedes' plan to bring in a new low downforce wing was delayed in the Australian GP. It now appears that the team has done away with the idea of bringing it to Imola as well. With the requirement of a low-downforce setup at the Imola GP, the wing might have proved beneficial for the team.

Having said that, there is still a question mark over how much the team could have been able to learn about the upgrade in a single practice session. Meanwhile, Mercedes has made some minor modifications to its car, as reported by Albert Fabrega.

Mercedes ha añadido un deflector para empujar aire hacia abajo en el lateral del chasis.Mercedes added a downwash deflector on the sides of the cookpit#F12022 #imola

Red Bull

Red Bull opted against bringing any major upgrades to the weekend. The Milton Keynes-based team, however, has continued to bring new upgrades for the front wing caliper to improve cooling and reduce weight.

The RB18 is currently around 10kgs heavier than the Ferrari F1-75 and is trying very hard to cut down that deficit.

Detalle de la pinza de freno delantera del Red Bull. Mira al increíble trabajo para mejorar refrigeración y reducir peso.Details of Red Bull's front brake calliper. Note the amazing work to improve cooling and reduce weight. #F1Sprint #f1


Alpine is bringing floor upgrades to its car at Imola. As informed by Alan Permane earlier in the week, upgrades will only be brought for one of the cars and it remains to be seen which of the two drivers will get those upgrades.

NEW: Alpine bringing floor upgrade to Imola as team targets better race pace -… By @racefansdotnet#F1


AlphaTauri is one of the few teams that is bringing a major upgrade to Imola. The upgrade package includes revised front brake ducts and a significant floor upgrade. The team and its drivers alike are expecting big things from the upgrade as the start to the season has been less than desirable for the team.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is another team that is bringing a significant floor upgrade to the Imola GP. Team boss Fred Vasseur shared the concerns of the teams who opted not to bring new parts on a congested weekend. Concurrently, however, he admitted that it's probably best to introduce new parts as soon as they're ready at the factory.

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