F1: 7 Times James Hunt's Commentary was Mind Blowing

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James Hunt Commentary. Image Source- wiki

#5 Hunt on Jean-Pierre Jarier – 1983 Austrian Grand Prix

Jean-Pierre Jacques Jarie is a French former racing driver who is famed for driving in Formula One for many reputed teams such as Shadow, Team Lotus, Ligier and Tyrrell Racing. He could not win a single race. However, his best finish was at Third Place three times. He was first seen at 1971 Italian Grand Prix and marked his last entry at South African Grand Prix in 1983.

Now there are some drivers who are simply not in Hunt's good books and there is no definite reason for it. Jean Pierre is one such unlucky man. He was known for his fast driving in his early years. He couldn't get any win but somehow by the end of his career, he developed a decent reputation for being an unhelpful back-marker. In 1983 Australian GP, his driving was particularly bad due to which he was criticized by Walker but Hunt got more brutal and said “ He's got a mental age of 10!! For being himself, he should receive a permanent suspension." Now that was terrible.

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