F1 Car weight: How much does a Formula 1 Car weigh?

Formula 1 car weight (Image courtesy:
Formula 1 car weight (Image courtesy:
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It is very important for a Formula 1 car to be of a proper weight as it can determine the outcome of the race.

A heavy built or a too light car can have adverse effects from the Driver's point of view. Most of the times, the car makers ignore this feature, but according to me, weight is the most important thing.

The current weight of a Formula 1 car should be 660kg. The FIA came up with a new rule for the 2019 season which minimizes Formula 1 driver weight so that heavier drivers are no longer penalized.

The driver and his seat will be allocated a minimum of 80 kg which will also include a specially marked ballast which will increase the weight to 740 kg from 660 kg, but when the car is considered without the parts, then the car will weigh 660 kg.

An idea was proposed at the F1 Strategy meeting where they discussed the possible weight changes for the upcoming season.

Weight became a serious issue in the V8 era when cars were right on the limit but the heavier drivers were forced to slim down due to health issues.

Earlier with the V6, problems with the weight were less but still caused discomfort among the heavier drivers as they were still required to slim their weight.

The weight of the car in 2017 was 728 kg which was increased from 702 kg in 2016. After they introduced the Halo, the weight was further increased to 734 kg in 2018.

Halo is not without problems as it increases the weight by 15 kg which causes the heavier drivers to adjust their weight over the limit. The drivers were worried that the heavy weight of the Halo will cause health but the new rule which has set the limit to 80 kg.

Personally, I think that new weight rules are a welcome addition to Formula One as it reduces health problems and gives more leeway to heavier drivers. The weight of a Formula one Car should not be more than 734 kg which also includes the weight of the driver.

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