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F1 News: Leclerc changing his approach to qualifying 

07 Jun 2019, 15:06 IST

Charles Leclerc is changing his approach to qualifying after a recent string of compromised weekends
Charles Leclerc is changing his approach to qualifying after a recent string of compromised weekends

Charles Leclerc has admitted that he's going to change his approach to qualifying after committing errors in Baku, Barcelona and Monaco. Charles had dominated the weekend at Azerbaijan before he binned it in Q2. He was the favorite in the eyes of many for the win but the costly error in qualifying affected his weekend as he could finish only P5.

He damaged his car in Q2 in Barcelona as well which compromised his run in Q3. Similarly, after topping the charts in Fp3 he made a mistake in Q1 which subsequently led to his elimination and a compromised weekend.

One area where Charles feels he has learned is not pushing too hard in the second and first stages of qualifying if it compromises his Q3 as has been the case.

"One approach that I probably have changed after Baku was pushing too hard in Q2," said Leclerc. "That has been a mistake because we had an easy potential to go to Q3 with the car we had and to crash at that time was probably a bit stupid.

"Then in Barcelona, we broke part of the floor but that was pushing too hard, I let the car go and broke the piece. So those are things I had changed after this."

Coming from Sauber where you have to push on every lap in qualifying to Ferrari where one needs to be more measured is a paradigm shift for Charles and he realises that.

There's definitely been a few mistakes, there's a change of approach when you arrive in Ferrari," Leclerc explained.

Leclerc was the favorite to win at Baku
Leclerc was the favorite to win at Baku

"Compared to last year, you can give it all from Q1 to Q3, but as we've seen in Baku maybe it was not very important to give it all in Q2 because we definitely had the potential to do a lot better in Q3.


"But there was a few mistakes on my side, and we learn from them, and now I'm looking forward to trying not to reproduce them and hopefully the better times will come."

Charles is arguably one of the brightest talents on the grid and it is true that he has been caught out with a change in approach multiple times. He had dominated the weekend at Baku and was the favourite in the eyes of many but the mistake compromised his weekend.

His pace in FP3 in Monaco could also have meant he probably had more in store than his teammate as Monaco is primarily a confidence track. Charles even in the nascent stages of his career has shown the ability to learn quickly. It won't be a surprise if he cuts down on his mistakes and starts delivering.

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