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F1 News: Switch To V6 Engines Shows Ferrari Commitment But Bernie Still Unhappy

Tarish Bhatt
989   //    04 Jul 2011, 19:51 IST

After the FIA’s decision to use the Turbocharged V6 engines instead of the four cylinder units from 2014, Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has said that the new regulations have tightened his commitment toward Formula 1 even more. However, on the other side of the block, Bernie Ecclestone is not happy with it and has raised his voice against the V6 turbocharged units.

The Formula 1 governing body had earlier proposed the plan of switching from the 2.4 liter V8 to the turbocharged four cylinder engines from 2013. The FIA, during the proposal, had said that the new engines will make the sport more eco-friendly as they will consume less fuel compared to the V8s.

After that several manufacturers, mostly Ferrari, opposed the rule and said that the dates of the new engine relation should be pushed back. Ferrari said that they are worried about the cost of the new power units and wanted more time to develop it effectively. Renault was in the favor of the new regulation and even threatened to quit the sport for it. Cosworth had a neutral view on the issue, and to some extent Mercedes too. The engine row was so much heated at that time because of the split opinion of engine manufacturers.

In the meeting of Formula 1 Commission, the FIA pushed the introduction of new engines to 2014 and also revised the engine rule, saying that from 2014 Formula 1 will switch to V6 instead of four cylinder units. However, the new engines will be eco-friendly and turbo charged units. All the engine manufacturers agreed on that note and the issue was resolved.

In a recent meeting, Luca di Montezemolo said that because of the V6 turbocharged units Formula 1 has stayed relevant for his team and now they are fully committed to the sport.

Luca di Montezemolo also said that Ferrari supports V6 engines instead of the four cylinder power units because it is not only helpful for his team but to the other manufacturers as well like the Mercedes and the other engine suppliers. He also said that the Ferrari team will remain in the most marquee sport event till the time it is proving helpful for their research.

I do Formula 1 as long as Formula 1 represents for us the most important research centre. The decision to go for the V6 is important because turbo-six is good for the future, not only for Ferrari but also for Mercedes and others.

The Ferrari Chairman said that he wants to see a limit on the aerodynamics of cars in the coming years, given that aerodynamics has totally dominated the sport in the current scenario. According to Montezemolo, today 90% of the car performance is dominated by aerodynamics and he wants a change in it. “We are building a race car not an airplane or satellite”, he said.

Ferrari has supported the introduction of V6 engines but the commercial rights holder of F1, Bernie Ecclestone has opposed the move. He is currently the only person who is raising a voice against the new rules. According to Bernie, the noise from the turbo charged engines is not sufficient to raise F1 spectacles. According to Ecclestone, the new turbocharged V6 engines will cause disappointment among the fans and the race promoters.

Tarish Bhatt
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