F1 Rivalries: Lewis Hamilton’s Greatest Rivals in Grand Prix Racing

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Tanya Kumar
Modified 07 Jun 2018
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When drivers race in Formula One, they get as famous for their wins as they become infamous for their rivalries. Every era has seen a group of champions fighting it out directly or indirectly with their immediate rivals. Often, these on-field battles stick in the mind long after the drivers in question have retired. Whether it be Ayrton Senna vs Alain Prost or Niki Lauda vs James Hunt, these tussles make for nail-biting viewing about which competitor would turn out on top that week or year.

Lewis Hamilton started karting at the tender age of eight and over the course of his 25-year-long racing career has stacked up rivals as much as he the wins. The four time world champion is known for his hunger to compete in championships and come out on top. Let’s have a look at his greatest rivals in Formula One:-

#4 Max Verstappen-

Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen came into Formula One on what seems to be the fast track, propelled up by his knack for taking risks and pure speed. He happened to catch the eye of all the right people at the right time. When he finally came onto the scene, he impressed one and all with his racing acumen. So much so, that even Lewis Hamilton touted him as one of the four best racing drivers on the grid in 2017. To be compared with Lewis, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso in just his third year in Formula One by the Brit himself is no small feat.

While the Dutch driver has not challenged Lewis for a championship title yet, there have been numerous occasions of Max and Lewis going head to head on the track. These incidents have bred bad blood between them, with Lewis even going so far as calling the 20-year-old a ‘d***head’ post the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix. Although, he later apologized for the comment and the pair of them accept and acknowledge the other’s racing abilities in public.

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Published 07 Jun 2018
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