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Fernando Alonso hails team Ferrari post Silverstone triumph

10 Jul 2011, 20:47 IST
Fernando Alonso: Winner at Silverstone

Fernando Alonso: Winner at Silverstone

Ferrari exhibited the “passion for victory” that they are associated with at Silverstone. Fernando Alonso seemed like the driver who could dethrone Vettel and Webber off their perch and he did so emphatically at the British Grand Prix. The Red Bull drivers secured the other two podium positions but they were certainly wishing for more. Alonso took the lead when Vettel made a delayed pit-stop on lap 27. The Spaniard possessed all that it takes to win a race on the day. His car had speed and driving was skillful. Lewis Hamilton finished fourth behind Webber but he would be decently pleased with it given he started on 10th position.

The most satisfying note of congratulation for Ferrari came from the enemy camp. Vettel who finished second and still leads the driver’s standings with 204 points, praised Ferrari for their dedicated pursuit throughout the season. Ultimately, at Silverstone they went that extra mile. Vettel said, “I think you have to accept fair and square Ferrari beat us today. There has been a bit of a trend over the last couple of races, they have been very strong on race days, so it shows us we need to keep pushing and improving the car.”

The track at Silverstone stood up to the promise of delivering an exciting race. A portion of the track was wet and that complicated the things a bit further for the drivers. Alonso was not particularly good while dealing with these wet patches but as the race went on he got better. The good thing about Alonso is that he is ever improving. You can witness that process in him in one race and over a season. After stringing a couple of podium finishes he made the top at Silverstone. Similarly, he quickened with every lap once the circuit started drying up completely. Within a space of 4 laps he surpassed Hamilton and the two Red Bull cars to take the lead.

Vettel and Mark Webber were visibly displeased with each other and occupied different corners before heading for the podium. On the other hand, Alonso dedicated the victory to the entire crew and marked it as a revival of Ferrari’s spirit. He said, “Today we won in the same circuit with the same passion, the same group of people who work for this fantastic team. This is the big thing about Ferrari, the passion, the victory and the love for victory.”

Ferrari’s car looks much more potent with Alonso in such good shape. He is certainly getting that extra bit out of it. At the same time, the team has worked on the car and it is almost there with the Red Bull car.  The next couple of races will give us a better idea.

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