Formula 1 Monaco GP: Top 5 Crashes of all Time

Monaco F1 Grand Prix - Race
Kobayashi flying at the start of the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco is a street circuit like no other where every driver faces a real challenge of avoiding the bumps and the brutal barriers just a whisker away from clipping the cars.

For it being a tight circuit it is very well known for the drivers to find it very difficult to overtake their fellow racers.

But true F1 world champions have gone on to conquer and win the Monaco Grand Prix including the likes of Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso.

It is Senna who has won the most Monaco races with a record of six victories helping McLaren in the process as the F1 team have won 15 races on Circuit de Monaco, more than any other team.

There may have been some sweet success on the track but there have also been some nasty accidents where drivers have underestimated the circuit.

Let's take a look at Monaco Grand Prix's top five crashes of all time...

#5 Jenson Button - 2003


Jenson Button may have a residence in Monte Carlo but that doesn't mean the former F1 British driver can't make mistakes on a track he so adores.

In 2003, Button was taking part in his fourth season in F1 and was driving for BAR-Honda.

A Saturday morning practice session was staged ahead of the afternoon's qualifying session.

As all the drivers and the cars went out on to the track for the practice session, something unplanned unfortunately happened to Button.

When Button exited the tunnel he lost control of his BAR-Honda car as he scraped the side of the barrier and plummeted into the crash pad opposite the tunnel.

Button experienced a heavy crash which would see him not take part for the rest of the Grand Prix weekend.

Six years later, Button would win the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix which helped him win his first and only Driver's Championship with Brawn GP.

#4 Sergio Perez - 2011


the 2011 F1 season was Sergio Perez's debut year by representing the Sauber team alongside his teammate Kamui Kobayashi.

The 2011 Monaco Grand Prix would be the Mexican's first go at the famous street circuit as an F1 driver.

During the qualifying sessions on the Saturday of the race weekend, on a typical warm and sunny day in Monte Carlo, Perez was on a flying lap and after exiting the tunnel - the Mexican made the same mistake as what Button did in 2003.

Perez rammed into the barrier to his right while going down the slope and headed straight to the crash pad.

The impact was a nasty one and that resulted in the rookie driver to retire for the rest of the weekend.

Perez even had to resign from the following race which was the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

However, the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix was a race to remember for Checo as he sealed a podium place by finishing in third.

#3 Martin Brundle - 1984


For those of you that didn't know, Martin Brundle was once a Formula 1 driver and has not always been the man we see in front of the TV cameras and the guy behind the microphone as an F1 commentator for the likes of Sky Sports, ITV, and the BBC.

The 1984 Monaco Grand Prix was won by Alain Prost for McLaren and was one of only eight finishers in that race.

19 cars did not finish the 1984 edition of the Monaco GP as seven drivers did not qualify and that includes Mr. Brundle.

Brundle was racing for Tyrrell-Ford in the 1984 season.

The British driver failed to qualify for the Sunday race after suffering from a heavy crash in qualifying the day before.

Brundle admitted to F1 broadcaster Murray Walker that he approached the corner too quickly which left his car upside down.

He also shared with the F1 commentator that he had pains in his neck and his foot after the accident and could not remember how he got back to the garage.

#2 Derek Daly - 1980


Moments before the start of an F1 race, there's nerves in the garages and in the fan stands.

Moments before those five red lights are out we can't predict what's about to happen when all cars approach the first corner.

The 1980 Monaco race certainly hosted a few surprises especially on the first corner moments after the race started.

Derek Daly of Tyrrell-Ford flew over a number of cars when approaching turn 1 and miraculously didn't hurt anyone in the process.

The Irishman was out of the race and his collision with teammate Jean-Pierre Jarier made sure both drivers were not to continue on that cloudy Sunday.

Frenchman Didier Pironi would go on to win the 38th Monaco GP.

#1 Patrick Tambay - 1986


Another Monaco crash Martin Brundle was involved in, but this time the Briton racer was not the victim.

This time it was Patrick Tambay racing for Lola-Ford.

When both Tambay and Brundle were approaching Mirabeau, Brundle shut the door on the French driver.

This gave Tambay no time to react as his car flew over Brundle's Tyrrell-Renault.

Tambay would retire from the race after 67 laps and so would Brundle later on in that lap due to the damage caused from the accident.

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Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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