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F1: 5 Best Overtakes of all time.

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F1 Grand Prix of Istanbul - Race
F1 Grand Prix of Istanbul - Race

Henry Ford once said, "Motor racing started after the second car was built".

Overtaking is the most thrilling & exciting moment for both drivers and fans in any form of Motorsport. It doesn't matter whether you're seated at the Eau Rouge Gold grandstand at Spa or the Harbourfront grandstand at Monaco or simply in front of your television set watching the Grand Prix when your favorite driver is about to make a pass on the driver in the front sure makes your heart skip a beat. Overtakes bring out the emotions in an F1 fan, those claps, the laughter and some even cry in joy or despair.

Formula One is about all those moments, the highspeed overtakes, staying in the slipstream and making that millimeter perfect overtake stick and sometimes things do go wrong and drivers end up crashing into each other.

Overtaking has been the biggest concern with the newer generation hybrid cars. The cars claimed to be fastest so far in F1 have failed to deliver in terms of overtaking. Most Grand Prix were won and lost in pit stops and safety car periods this season so far.

According to a report the number of overtakes in 2017 was reduced by less than 50 percent when compared to the 2016 season and this year doesn't look promising to improve on those numbers.

It's not just the fans but even some of the F1 drivers are complaining about the races being too boring.

Let's have a look at the top overtaking manoeuvres in Formula One and relive the moments from the past.

#5 Nelson Piquet takes on Ayrton Senna- Hungarian GP 1986

The complete Hungarian GP could have been summed up as 'two-man show' between the Brazilians. Senna began very well while Piquet was struggling to catch up with the former, as he manoeuvred every turn. Piquet dogged Senna and managed to take a lead in first 20 laps which was regained by Senna but with Senna's car Stumbling of the 3/4th race over, Piquet grabbed the chance and won the race 8 seconds ahead of Senna, setting the fastest lap. It was an enthralling affair to witness between the two.

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