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Hamilton lashes out at FIA completely for unfair treatment

F1 Grand Prix of Russia
Waleed Shamsi
Modified 06 Oct 2018

Russian Grand Prix 2018 was full of shocks and surprises. Before the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton called out on the FIA regarding the incident between him and Sebastian Vettel during Russian Grand Prix where they nearly avoided a crash following the German's double move in the braking zone on Turn 2.

This incident was reported to stewards. The incident was investigated but deemed by Stewards that the move was within the laws of the sport. Later Stewards gave their statement:

Vettel's move did not constitute two significant changes in direction

The statement from stewards made Hamilton tipped over his anger, and he absolutely blasted the FIA for having double standards. Hamilton still claims it was a double step move from Vettel. He said:

The same rules are not always applied to certain things. As far as I’m aware when I drive down the straight I’m not allowed to move twice. But there are drivers that do move twice and nothing happens to them. And maybe there are some drivers that move twice and something has happened to them, I was really surprised when I watched the replay because it was really clear, the two-step move.

Though, Hamilton is still happy as the duo did not crash in the incident. He said:

t’s difficult to realise, we were doing two hundred and something miles per hour and things happen so fast at those speeds, I thought we were going to crash. I was really shocked that when I pulled out of it I was able to keep the car in one piece and we made it to the second corner and it actually ended up being awesome racing. But I thought in the moment my wing’s definitely going and I might be going in the air.

The replays show that Hamilton has weighted in his claims. Now the question raises is there any kind overlooking by the Stewards or Is Hamilton right about the double standards on 'enforcing rules'?

Published 06 Oct 2018, 03:02 IST
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