"I have no idea what just happened": Daniel Ricciardo collaborates with UFC star Max Holloway to train in MMA

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Daniel Ricciardo of Australia and Scuderia Alpha Tauri reacts ahead of the Drivers Press Conference

F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo said he did not know what happened during his collaboration with UFC star Max Holloway.

During the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix in November 2023, the Aussie was one of the most popular drivers on the grid. As a part of a marketing campaign, he was seen training in MMA with the UFC star in the fighting capital of the world. Ricciardo is a huge UFC fan and is often seen waxing eloquent about the fighters on his social media.

In a video posted by UFC on their YouTube page, Daniel Ricciardo found himself in a 'Triangle Choke' while learning the move from Max Holloway. He said:

"I have no idea what just happened. It's really dark down there."

Daniel Ricciardo chimes in on his return to F1 in 2023

Heading into the 2023 season, Daniel Ricciardo was out of a seat as his contract with McLaren ended prematurely at the end of the 2022 season due to his poor performances with the papaya team.

However, he found himself back in the Red Bull family as a reserve driver for the world champions in the first half of the season. He soon found himself racing in the sport once again after Red Bull decided to let go of Alpha Tauri driver Nyck DeVries and replace him with Ricciardo.

Speaking with Motorsport.com, Daniel Ricciardo spoke about his hand injury and return to the sport:

"I've definitely got a second wind. If I then speak of the hand, for this not to feel like a setback probably speaks volumes. I could see how maybe some people would see that lame accident with high consequences, 'Maybe Daniel should just give it up. 'That's probably just a sign that he should just call it a day'.
"But I never thought that. I never felt like that. So yeah, that was maybe even more power to the decision of kind of trying to kick some butt. My enjoyment in the sport should not be results-based in terms of yes, I'll know what's a good lap or what's a good race, and that will help me sleep at night,”

Daniel Ricciardo ended the 2023 season with some points to his name which he earned at the Mexican Grand Prix finishing P7 in a very competitive display. He would hope to build on this at the beginning of the 2024 season as there is an opportunity for him to move up to Red Bull if he performs really well.

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